Wandering Camera

Album 87
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


We are continuing evening walks along historical center. In order to introduce diversity we'll start with a couple of day shots.. 


Second Garden bridge

Railing composition is adopted from the bridge over Tarakanovka river (bridge did not remain till nowadays)

View on the adjoining bridge over Moika - the Malo-Konushenny one.

Author of the building with portico(built in 1823-1827) is architect D. Adamini.

View on Marsovo field - at day and night. It's hard to depict such a field in the pictures - either it does not fit into the picture or too small details come out. Maybe some time I will do panoramic photography on it.
Famous (in particular circles :) building of Lenenergo (power department for Saint-Petersburg)


Whatever foreshortening I tried when taking pictures of it..
There is such an original appearance of the cafe near it, on the other bank of Griboedov channel
..here it's on our right hand.

Savior-on-blood is on the left.

Savior-Konushennaya church. As a matter of fact, the church itself is in the center, and the whole of the building formerly belonged to stabling(konushennoye) department.

On February,1, 1837 A.S. Pushkin was read the burial service over in this church.

The building was built in the beginning of XVIII century by N.F. Gerbel, later on it was rebuilt by V.P. Stasov. At that, presumably the church was built into the building by very him.

Bolshoi Konushenny bridge over Moika (constructed in 1828).

Building of the Round market is seen behind the bridge (D. Kvarengi project, 1785-1790)

I intend finishing with the "evening" shots in the next album and offer something lighter.. 


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