Wandering Camera

Album 86
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


We'll continue the walk which we started in the previous album..


If we walk under the arch, the one over Zimnyaya (winter) groove, we'll walk out to Neva. Beautiful panorama of the Vasilievsky island spit opens from here..
..as well as of Peter-and-Paul's fortress.

Troitsky (Trinity) bridge is seen in the right

Stock exchange building and Rostral columns. There are signs of New Year here, as well as at Dvortsovaya (Palace) square.

Lag of water on covered with ice Neva is made by the ice-breaker in order to prevent people walking from one bank to another on ice. They are saving on life-guards..

It's quiet and deserted at the Admiralty embankment. Lions here completely stiffened :)
Cabinet of curiosities after restoration.

According to legend, a pine-tree with intricate twisted trunk grew in the forest on Vasilievsky island. Peter the I ordered to fell it and to found a building in this place (in 1718). G.I. Mattarnovi is considered to be the author of the project.

Sailer "Kronverk"
Floating restaurant is placed in it.
In spite of the old-fashioned appearance of the sailer, it is made out of nearly barge, as far as I know. Year of construction is 1993.
However, it looks very appropriately here anyway.
This work of modern art is called "SNOW-MAN FROM CHUVASHIYA" (the sign on the snow by it indicates that). It's 20..30 centimeters high.
Isaac's cathedral - now with highlight on
Bronze horseman. As a whole, the central object here is definitely ice.. I mean - stone:) Light did not fall to horseman's lot. But there is something nice about it still
Senate building (today - State Historical Archives).

Three more albums by Vitaly Lunev appeared in the "Our guests" section. 
They are devoted to Kronshtadt, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg 


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