Wandering Camera

Album 85
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


The first winter album. The camera I had last year did not allow taking pictures with long exposures, but now you'll have to submit to some increase of night shots :) 


Moyka river.

The signs which got into the picture seemed so very successful to me, that I did not bother to remove them

Painty building in the right is Moyka, 12 - memorial flat of A.S. Pushkin

They were restoring this building (along with the yard and pavement) with great dispatch by the jubilee

Zimny (Winter) palace is seen in a distance, and there are columns of Apraksin's house in the left (1735-1737)
There is Second Winter bridge over Zimnyaya (Winter) groove in the center of the shot. However strange it may seem, it was built in 1962..64, in the old-fashioned style though.

Former house of Arakcheev is over the bridge (built by F.I. Demertsev in the end of XVIII century).

Isaac's cathedral is seen in the left between the houses (I was always amazed at how it manages to be seen from this point).

Pevchesky bridge. Building with the pointed corner relates to General Staff…
… Such an intricate form is called forth by the desire of Karl Rossi to make the building symmetrical, owing to this they had to give up on having corner premises. Part of the windows there are artificial through hearsay.

Fillet of the corner in the right is already mentioned house of Arakcheev.

New Hermitage and Atlases
Winter (now in particular) groove.
Dug in 1718.
Hermitage bridge over the Winter groove. The very first granite bridge in Saint-Petersburg.
Neva river and Peter-and-Paul's fortress are behind it. Because of the highlight it seems that action is happening almost at daytime.
Tree at the Palace square.
Established relatively recently :)
Large decorations for the large tree
Beginning of Nevsky prospect.

Brightly alight house at the corner is a building of private commercial bank by architect V.P. Tseidler (1910s).

There are two new albums published in the section " our guests: Vitaly Lunev". They are devoted to Energodar and Zaporozhiye.


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