Wandering Camera

Album 84
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


You've thought, indeed, that if the autumn is over, winter has started? However that's not so :)

I offer a traditional though quite a rare special edition on the subject "forests-fields-villages". 



On closer examination it can perfectly compete with some kind of orchid..

Fly the ordinary on the flower of the leek
The wing was probably injured in the battles :)
World from the ant's point of view..
Dew in Peterhof
Fir cones
Tulips near Bolshoi Palace in Peterhof
The bark
A picturesque stump
Autumn leaf from Krestovsky island
A flower from the flower-bed at the pond (the same area)
Oranienbaum stump
Evening entirely..

And further we'll have winter. I promise :) 


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