Wandering Camera

Album 79
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


We've already been once to the places called "Islands" in Petersburg. At that time those were Kamenny island and Yelagin island. All together they are called Kirovskiye - during Kirov's stay as the first secretary of Leningrad government commissariat of All-russian Communist Party (of bolsheviks) - (1926 to 1934) he initiated/carried out different activities on conversion of the islands into recreation zones (parks, stadiums etc.)

Now I would like to tell a little bit about adjoining to them Krestovsky and Petrovsky islands. 
We'll start from the metro "Krestovsky island", having gone a bit in the direction of Srednyaya Nevka..

That's how we plant trees here.

It's a joke :)

Most part of the island is occupied by parks and ponds, just as at Yelagin island.
60 Martynov embankment is a private mansion of architect Statsenko
Building 70, nearby. Unfortunately, it's hidden in leaves. So leaves have come out  :)
Srednyaya Nevka. Yelagin island is on the opposite bank.
Road along the river..
"In low water" :-)

Sign on the tablet says: "Look out! There is DOG!"


By the way, there are different opinions in regard to the name "Krestovsky island". Some think that it came from the cruciform pond (Krestovy pond, probably), others think that once long ago two glades cut through cross-wise crossed the island. Also there is an opinion that there was a chapel with a cross on the island or just the large cross on its own. So, it's unknown why Krestovsky :)

River yacht-club.
"First Northern pond" is captured in this and the following pictures. Pond is elongated, bridge is built over it (the upper picture)
Landscape and regular (below) parks in conjunction with the constructions make "Primorsky Victory park".
There is no any sky and no any mountains.
Pond's bank is captured top-down.
Central square and the Main alley (continuation of the Morskoy(sea) prospect). It crosses the whole island and comes out to the stadium to S.M. Kirov.
Autumn.. Last leaves are falling from the lamps :)

In the next album we'll continue walking around Krestovsky island..


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