Wandering camera

Album seven
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

Bolshoi prospect of St. Basil Island, Lions, Admiralty, Nevskii prospect

Good day. A little unusual way for me to go home from my work.

Bolshoi prospect of St. Basil Island. As far as I remember, it has been closed for a long time because of an extensive reconstruction project, and all " business activity" was transferred to Srednii prospect.
It looks strange now - a wide street with such a consistent name (Bolshoi means Large), and so deserted..

On the background - St. Andrew Cathedral.

Church of St. Catherine on the same Bolshoi pr. Parts of it were in scaffold, but I've corrected that :-)
University embankment near the Palace bridge. I though it interesting how fast the sky can change, literally in a few minutes (next frame)
Somewere far from here it rains...

Admiralty, behind it - St. Isaac Cathedral

I did not take this picture from the river, it's just that at this place on the bridge there is some kind of an observation deck extending out above the river.

If you look hard you can see the lions on the embankment in front of the Admiralty.

  Close-up of a lion. He is shy and tries to turn away from the camera :)
All of a sudden I have this sad thought - from the city at least you can expect that it will not disappear..
Close-up of the Admiralty.
Details of a relief above the arch
Sunset on Neva. Far ahead - Lieutenant Schmidt bridge.
Nevskii at night

Next time I'll try to make a New Year album. If circumstances and my mood will be consistent..

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