Wandering Camera

Album 78
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


I think, many would agree that the previous album does not give an idea of the island Kizhi itself. It looks more like a catalogue of sightseeings.. In this album I would like to correct it a bit. 


Island adjoins the mainland on one side (though, it would take much longer to get there that way than straight on across the lake), on the other side it adjoins several islands and islets which will be mentioned later.
Typical scenery. There are almost no high trees in the island.
Usually tourists don't go in this direction - it's far off and there is no quite enough time. We just decided to run about - to take a look.
I've seen at least three such mysterious symbols. Flags are simply put into the ground…
As one of companions said - "waiting for our lot" :-)
And this is a usual village, where people obviously live. The same houses, the same mill, just looking more deserted (sure, they boat for buying flour)

As I understood, all local dwellers relate to the museum. They move on foot and bikes :-)

One of the houses examined closely. Looks very alike "House of Ponomarev, brought from village Menshino(19 century)"

It was identified according to location, form and the dimension of television aerials :)

If it was identified right, then the whole village is called Yamka (Olkhino)

Worship cross. Such crosses with roof above them used to be placed at the road-crossings.
Nariyna mountain. According to the legend, they were going to raise Transfiguration church here once.

And the roads are so extremely native.

Chapel to Savior Not made by hands. Built in 17-18 centuries.
It's an explicit kinsman of the flag in the sense of mystique. Revolving door is placed in the mid of the inhabited field. It's a riddle who it must let pass and where to.

As I was informed via e-mail - probably, once helicopters and planes AN-2 took off and landed here, and the barrier is for so that people did not butt into airscrews prematurely..

Hydrofoil "Comet" is patiently waiting for our return. By the way, they give quite a little time, so I recommend you not to linger on each log.
Recessive Kizhi with Pokrovskay (Protection of the Virgin) and Preobrazhenskaya (Transfiguration) churches (the highest constructions on the island) are seen through the diesel engine smoke.
One of the small islands which I shot from "Comet".

The house doesn't represent historical value evidently, more of the practical one :)

Other islets with a couple of definitely ancient constructions (at any rate, the one on the left - obviously, and the right one associates with agricultural installations). I could not identify it.

Some shots not included into the album can be seen here.


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