Wandering Camera

Album 77
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Now we'll head for island Kizhi from Petrozavodsk pier. It's about 70 kilometers away across the lake, "Comets" go there - hydrofoil vessels similar to "Meteors" but of a bit bigger size. 
September is not the most popular month for visiting the island, not to mention constant raining and gloomy clouds above Onezhskoye lake. It turned out that all "Comets" to Kizhi were canceled. Though, people were not confused by it - everyone was waiting for something. We found out that in spite of the bad weather "Comet" can put out, but only if the group of foreigners appears, which is basically waited for. In a word, everything is as usual :-) 


"Comet" is coming to the pier. At this shot you can see the difference between this one and all following "Comets": hydrofoil turns to the pier not lowering the speed.
Apparently, captain was chosen according to the weather. Though maybe, no-one else agreed.

Must mention that this trip remained in the memories of many - in regard to the noise and feelings it's like a plane, which tries to unsuccessfully touch down within an hour and more :)

It was almost impossible to move around compartment, and there was blurred horizon line or water flows overboard.

In spite of the feelings we got there safe.
Island is not very large, longwise elongated. It's interesting for ancient wooden constructions, part of which (as those in the shot, for instance) were placed here at first, and part was brought here from different villages (mainly from Karelia).
Two fenced churches - Transfiguration (behind in the left) and Protection of Virgin (in the right), represent "Kizhsky (Kizhi's) churchyard".
Preobrazhenskaya (Transfiguration) church. 1714. Timber is pine-tree and fir. It's particularly interesting that when building such constructions they did not use metal nails.
Pokrovskaya (Protection of Virgin) church. Approximately - year of 1764. 27 meters high.
Entrance. Looks like a usual hut (inside as well).
Elements of decor.. Board in the right is called "towel"
Local fauna (there are no other animals but birds) just loves crosses on the domes
Inside Pokrovskaya church
You can see an old graveyard out of the window
Wooden constructions have been restored more than once - in some places they made a metal framework, wood is impregnated with special mixtures and partly replaced.
Church of Lazarus resurrection. Built (according to legend) between 1286 and 1391 (during the life of Muromsky monastery founder, where it was taken from), but on the assumption of research works - built in the beginning of 16th century.
Windmill. Three recently restored vanes are noticeable. It's a pity that wood can't be worked on in order to give it an "old" color.
House of the prosperous peasant Nestor Maximovich Oshevnev. Built in 1876. It contains under one roof:

Three huts, gornitsa (room for meetings), summer room, three storerooms, upper and lower hallways with internal stairs, shed and homestead with 4 cattle-sheds

One of the parts - probably, "homestead". Other parts have too poor lighting for shooting..
Chapel to Archangel Michael (brought from the village Lelikozero). Beginning of 18th century. 13 meters high.
Each time tourists passed by this chapel (even if it's only three persons), we could hear chime for several minutes. It's beautiful but TOO very often.
On the whole, I personally was displeased watching how they were trying to fully please all visitors, especially foreigners (tickets have quite different price). It's obvious that such behavior is reasoned by completely impartial factors, but it does not change the impression.

Such a northern weather.

By the way, name of the island "Kizhi" came from karelian "kizhat" - public merrymaking (very long ago they gathered here for heathen festivals :)

House of prosperous peasant Maxim Yakovlevich Yakovlev. Built in 1880s-1890s.
That's all for now.

In the next album we'll look at Kizhi at a bit different angle of view..

I've made a small page with answers to your questions, which you, readers, ask me most often. Maybe, someone felt too lazy to write e-mail, so now you can simply look at the answer. As far as possible I'll be adding what will remember or what you'll remember.. 


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