Wandering Camera

Album 76
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Three albums, one of which you already started looking through, will be devoted to the city of Petrozavodsk and situated closely to it memorial island Kizhi. I can explain why I considered it the suburb of Saint-Petersburg - album about Moscow was already published, and Petrozavodsk is even closer than Moscow :-)


Embankment of Onezhskoye lake.

Probably, starting describing the city from its embankment is not quite correct, but walk started from this very place (run under the heavy shower is turned down)

Different works of "modern art" are established along tidy embankment. Some of them, as "Fishermen" for instance, are quite interesting (this sculpture is americans' gift to Petrozavodsk).
"Tree of wishes" - gift from swedes.

It listens to the wishes with the help of the ear, situated right on the trunk :-)

Quotation from one of the sites about Petrozavodsk:

"this is a modern interpretation of the ancient belief, when they tied scraps of material on the tree in order to find happiness. Here, bells "grow" on the tree instead of scraps."

In such gray and dull weather flowers look particularly bright. Sculpture of unknown predestination - gift of the german city of Tubingen is seen in the background in the left.
As I was told, administration of the city establishes a new monument or sculpture on the embankment by nearly each holiday or event.
I find difficulty in telling anything concerning the history of the cannons (there are two of them).
As usual, we'll devote a couple of shots to the local littoral fowl..
As a matter of fact, it's also littoral :)
Rotunda by architect Nikolay Ovchinnikov (1994). Looks very appropriate.

Now we'll move from the embankment to the center of the city

Weddings palace. What it was in the past is unknown.
Fountain. Unfortunately the background is not sufficient enough..

"Kalevala" (1835) is a first finnish national epos (such verses). Number of 150 means that the monument was established in the honor of 150th anniversary (1985). 

I think you'll guess that this is a crossing :)

So I'll better share my impressions of the city:

Petrozavodsk is not like St.Petersburg in spite of the same founder and approximately same time of foundation (1703). It appears to me that it has lots in common with Baltic states, and maybe, with Finland. This is a superficial opinion based on the one-day walk + visiting cafe and a couple of the shops..


As it happens in the small towns, - streets remain under their old names (since USSR times).

Two main streets - Lenin prospect which crosses the whole of the city - from the station to embankment - and K. Marx prospect. 

We'll come back to embankment - suddenly sun peeped out and blue sky appeared. Though clouds are still all around.
Memorial club "Polar Odysseus" is in these shots.
Museum consists out of several ships which participated in different sailings, and "hall" representing pictures and things telling about their uneasy fate.
Climbing and looking around is quite interesting - I recommend it..
At the turn of times..

By the way, we'll head for the island Kizhi (in the next album) on such a hydrofoil "Comet" (in the background :)

Now we're in the center of the city again - at the Student's boulevard (university is situated right here, and to all appearances surroundings of this fountain is a favorite rest-time place of the students) 
Fountain and the column (to the right from it) were built in 1996 by architect E.G. Taev.
A very interesting natural phenomenon - that's what the sky became like within several minutes before a terrible downpour..
I emphasize - it's not dark time of the day yet.
Our short visit to Petrozavodsk is over. Saying that weather was not good is to say nothing. However, such shots also have a right to exist.

I've added several useful resources on Karelia into the links' section (Petrozavodsk and Kizhi in particular). Who is interested - welcome.


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