Wandering Camera

Album 75
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


I decided to make the last summer album a walk without a purpose to shed light on any new place or building. More than that - I even included several people here :-) 


We'll start from english embankment where …
..this very boat has moored.
Guy is fishing nearby. Probably, one can fry it with no oil - machine oil is quite enough :)
This ancient tram coming down Lieutenant Shmidt bridge is not the latest fancy of city transportation but a museum exhibit (it says "museum" on it).
And its number is "0".
Shots are placed in this order not by chance. Dog has its eyes on this very duck. The latter one is not very worried by this fact though. It has seen even worse dogs..
One more fisherman, more equipped one
We'll go further through Vasilievsky island..
This railing and a lamp relate to the institute under a serious name "Of Obstetrics and Gynecology"
Gallery of the building of Historical faculty of University (Saint-Petersburg State University).
Clouds are gathering over Vasilievsky island..
Triangle house at Makarov embankment - between Tuchkov and Birzhevoy bridges
"the rival" :-)
Building of the port Customs (built in 1829-32 by I.F. Lukini)
There is Mercury, Neptune, Ceres on the height
Sunset over Malaya Neva
This interesting construction probably relates to Birzhevoy bridge
Some, having looked at this shot, somehow think that the Spit is in the left. No, Spit is in the right :)

By the way, entering Peter-and-Paul fortress beach is chargeable now, on the heels of Summer garden. I suppose, palace square is the only one remaining free..

Such thoughtful people can be met at the almost deserted beach..

In the album on white nights I mistakenly called one of the old russian ensigns ( over Peter-and-Paul's fortress) - british, it's very similar indeed. Thanks to all who suggested it. 
Although I am not ashamed, to say the truth.


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