Wandering Camera

Album 72
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


I did not aim to show some concrete sights in this album. I just wanted to reproduce the feeling of the white night. Shots were done in July - part of the sky became almost dark for some time, that's why shots came out quite various. 


We'll start with Peter-and-Paul's fortress
Admiralty embankment. When three of us were passing by, the girl, coming towards us (on the very edge) having seen our driver's face expression for some reason said "Oh! please, don't push!" :)
Savior-on-blood cathedral. Now it's illuminated from beneath, but it's done in spots and with unnaturally white light. Here it's partly compensated by colorful sky and water.
And right behind it: Adamini house (in the center) , place where matreshka dolls are sold during day (in the left), and Griboedov canal.

I can say as eye-witness that in spite of some fantastic nature, colors in the pictures are like the real ones.

Bronze horseman, again - in the completely different than during the day lighting.
Lieutenant Shmidt bridge. In the shot on the left you can observe how irregularly spans were drawn. Later they were straightened. However, maybe that's what it's supposed to be :-)
Ship "Silver Wind"
Water-tower opposite Tavrichesky palace. It's interesting that even at night (in the entire quietness and in the absolute absence of people) fountain was on behind the fence by it.

On the whole, in spite of the fact that there is plenty of people at the embankment during white nights, if you walk a bit aside - you can hardly meet anyone.

Bolsheokhtinsky bridge. Unlike the other ones this was not partitioned off, that's why some drivers went quite far before noticing vertical wall in front of them.
Slope to the water by the same bridge. Smolny cathedral silhouette is seen in the distance.
Liteiny bridge. Here you can clearly see the difference between the sky color on the left (usual white night) and in the right (from the side of the sun which will rise in a couple of hours). You can observe the boat. They pass quite frequently but when using long exposures they come out vastly smeared.
Palace embankment.

A maximum of objects in one shot :) 

Spit, Birzhevoy bridge
Palace bridge and tower of Cabinet of curiosities
Palace bridge from the opposite side
Troitsky bridge is in the background
Sneaked up insensibly :)

The shot is a pure chance. When I shot it, did not notice that a person was standing there.

Further I am thinking of showing some nature though not quite forests/fields. 


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