Wandering Camera

Album 73
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Everyone got used to perceive Peterhof/Petrodvorets as gathering of palaces and pavilions amidst the park. I am offering to take a look at what forests and fields they have there (from bitchiness and for diversity :-) 
As I am not in the know of what parks and plains in the shots are called, comments for this album are made according to your letters, thank you for that. Additions, corrections, specifications are welcome.


English park, view on the Railroad bridge over the English pond.
Also a view on the english pond situated in the english park.
By the end of the summer everything here is a bit trampled down because Peterhof dwellers take a rest (shashliks and other kinds of fishing) in these very forests and fields
English park, some birch
English pond, very much water, but they don't swim here, they prefer pond system of Lugovoy park for these purposes, besides swimming - those provide water for the fountains of the Lower and the Upper parks of Petrodvorets (one of those ponds - "Zapasnoy" is a couple of shots below)
Groove crossing one of the central alleys of the park
Birch bridge (it's still english park), was opened recently after restoration
Lugovoy park is in this and the following shots
Zapasnoy (or Orliny?) pond
Sight of Lugovoy park - to all appearances, it's willow, at that it's surely silvering
One of the central alleys
No comment, but it's beautiful :)
And this must be one of those plains which gave a name to Lugovoy(plain) park.

Opportunely, I offer your attention a new album by Vladislav Sorokin from the series "Our guests". 


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