Wandering Camera

Album 71
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Unlike two previous albums there will be shots of constructions mostly not as famous as Yekaterininsky (Catherine's) palace or Kameron's gallery. First of all, because they're situated a bit aside. 


Railing of Catherine's palace from the main yard side - in order to finish the walk along Catherine's park. This coat of arms crowns a quite beautiful gate, but there was no any opportunity to make some attractive shot of it in such weather and against the sun.
We are at the territory of Alexandrovsky park.

Krestovy bridge is seen.
by architects V.I. and I.V. Neelovs, 1779

Bridge with dragons is nearby.
Ch. Kameron , 1785

A.A. Menelas, A.A.Ton, 1819

Once it looked differently. It was in the same style as Hermitage pavilion and also by Rastrelli.

Llama pavilion (by architect Menelas). It was meant for keeping llamas, pack animals from South America.
Similar to the previous :)
Feodorovsky town is in the next several shots.
These two shots probably don't relate to it in regard to territory, but architectural solution is absolutely similar.
I did not manage to get rid of the car in the shot..
Feodorovsky cathedral.

By architects V.A. Pokrovsky and M.I. Kurilko

Feodorovsky town itself..

by architect S.S. Krichinsky

It had been being built since 1913 as addition to the cathedral
Nowadays town (and cathedral) is under jurisdiction of the church
White tower
A very interesting construction not like anything else.
Alexandrovsky palace

By D. Kvarengy, 1792-1796

These three albums do not give a full idea of all interesting what they have in Pushkin. More than that, it makes sense to discern some constructions closer. So some day we'll come back here..
Starting next album another digital camera will be used for shooting - Nikon Coolpix 950 (reminder - up to this album inclusive I shot with AGFA ePhoto 1280, and before that - with ePhoto307).  
New camera has a number of advantages - higher resolution given high quality of JPG, and also comparatively high photosensitivity what you'll get a chance to make sure of personally as soon as in the next album. Though there is a disadvantage - some barrel distortions will be seen when shooting buildings "right up to".

Wait for summer :) 


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