Wandering Camera

Album 70
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Yekaterininsky (Catherine's) park again.. 


 As you can see from this shot Yekaterininsky park is very various - there is a regular part (previous album), and a landscape one.
Apparently, Concert Hall is seen in a distance.
The kitchen ruins (J. Kvarengi, 1784-86)

An utterly trustworthy ruin

Chinese (Squeaking) arbor.

Y.M. Felten, 1778-83

Fountain "Girl with the jug" (1810)

Architect is A.A. Betankur, sculptor is P.P. Sokolov - author of the Bank bridge' griffins, Lion bridge' lions and Egyptian bridge' Sphinxes. In a word, he slightly deviated from the subject :)

Chesma column
By A. Rinaldi, 1771-1778

Here I just have to rebel against the following fact:
There was no foot-bridge(seen in the shot) to the column at any of the old pictures. And it was not meant by architect, indeed. Apparently, boats did not provide admission of sufficient number of tourists to the sight :-/

As one of the fellows said:
"something awful familiar, but can't remember by any means".
Don't recommend to repeat this phrase very often :)
Park puts ambivalent impression on me. From one side - there are beautiful palaces and pavilions. From the other side - everything is so mixed up and exceedingly packed that you get a feeling of being amongst exhibits.
Agate rooms are right behind the pyramidal bush.
Gate of "Agate rooms" pavilion by Kvarengi. It's difficult to say - either it's stylization of the ruin or they got this look in a natural way. Most likely, first, of course.

As I was suggested - they used original roman stones.

Kameron gallery from the previous album again, but foreshortened differently.
Kameron gallery again

Further - Alexandrovsky park and Feodorovsky town.


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