Wandering Camera

Album 62
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Logical continuation of the walk around Smolny cathedral and institute would be a walk along Smolny and Sinopskaya embankments. 
Night was falling..


We got to the embankment.
Alexander-Nevskaya Lavra is behind us, we'll move towards it. 
Bolsheokhtinsky bridge (mentioned in passing in the album before the last) 
Once they were going to remove a wooden bridge of boats here (which was vacant after appearance of the Troitsky bridge), but they built Emperor Peter the Great bridge (that's what Bolsheokhtinsky was called then). Approximately in 1903. 
According to the legend, when building the bridge they have installed a golden rivet. Since then during each repairs workers examine the rivets with a great diligence :-) 
Such water approach goes down from the bridge. 
Neva vastly turns to the right ahead of us, and if going along embankment one has to make a big detour against the will. Just today I've been watching a scene - some man was cheerfully cutting off this very detour with not quite a resolute step on melted a little ice :) 
Shots here slightly remind of a country scenery, and the airplane track - of a meteorite.
Apparently, it's complex of buildings of the former Nevskaya manufactory of Shtiglits (as I'm suggested) right by the bridge. 
Further there is quite a famous in particular(and not only) circles - "LIVIZ" (distillery).

When I was doing practical work at one of the factories nearby, workers considered it quite important to have a common fence with the mentioned above enterprise :) 

Some chimney-stalks and smoke. Looks pretty nice.
Alexander-Nevskaya Lavra is seen ahead (quite close when using a teleconverter). There is Troitsky cathedral in the center.
We'll finish today's evening walk with two such "industrial" views from Sinopskaya embankment. Especially since it was shot at the breaking point of camera's speed..

The following album will probably be devoted to Petrogradskaya side (not all of it, of course :) 


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