Wandering Camera

Album 61
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Third part of the cycle "Smolnys .. " :) 
Smolny institute and nearest surroundings.


Just next door to the Smolny monastery.. 

Jacomo Kvarengi constructed the building of the Smolny institute in 1806-1808. "Educational society for noble maidens" (which moved from the monastery) was situated here until 1917. 

Nowadays it's administration of Saint-Petersburg.

Since the times when great events were taking place here, the emblem has been changed back to the russian one (by the way, not very successfully from the standpoint of composition. Probably, they were in a hurry :)
Right and left buildings
Square of Proletarian Dictatorship

Though maybe it's not supposed to be so when seeing the sights, but since this album is a continuation of the previous one, we happen to move a bit back :) 

Buildings in front of Smolny appeared in the XX century - in 1923 (propylaea) and in 1930 (garden).

I should mention that they blended with it quite well.

Propylaea (by architects V.A. Schuko and V.G. Gelfreikh)
And a couple of buildings situated closer to the Smolny monastery in the end.

As I was suggested, "Russian institute of radio navigation and time" is situated here.

The building was built in 1950s according to Knyazev and Speransky project.

"Kikin's chambers" at Shpalernaya street. Built in 1714, they belonged to the Admiralty-councilor A.V. Kikin who was in charge of the Smolyany yard (Smolny monastery is situated at its place now).

In the following album we'll continue the started journey and in spite of the fact that it's getting dark we'll walk from Smolny institute passing Bolsheokhtinsky bridge, along Neva embankment.


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