Wandering Camera

Album 59
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


You have probably noticed that only two out of all large architectural ensembles did not appear in the Wandering Camera yet: Smolny cathedral with Smolny institute and the parks of Pushkin. 
We'll be gradually eliminating defects starting this album :) 
Some shots made with the old AGFA ePhoto 307 which were not included in the albums will be used in addition to the latest shots.


Smolny cathedral and the surrounding it monastery (former one by now) are situated in a distance from crowds of people, on Neva bank near Bolsheokhtinsky bridge.

That's why it's always quiet in here and rather deserted, provided they don't bring a couple of buses with tourists.

Front door.

The cathedral itself is by Rastrelli, it's quite easy to recognize the features peculiar to Zimny (Winter) palace in it. However, domes are completely original, and they look like a science-fiction from a distance (from the other bank of Neva).

Several close-ups.

Running ahead I'll mention that cathedral inside is not quite a cathedral. There is no icon-stand, religious symbolism and proper decoration in general.

Nowadays different exhibitions and concerts take place there (acoustics is miserable, by the way).

The name "Smolny" comes from formerly existing at this place Smolyany(resin) yard (resin was kept here and tar was boiled till the mid XVIII century).

It's worth mentioning that according to the plan (more precisely - at the instance of Elizabeth) 140-meters(!) bell-tower was supposed to be erected in front of the cathedral. Fortunately (in my opinion), it did not happen.

Fence around cathedral deserves to be paid a special attention.

There is alley behind the fence.

By the way, the monastery which existed here once, was called "Voskresensky Novodevichy" and later, after the cathedral was built, it got the name of "Smolny". 

Elizabeth was going to live here in the end of her reign, however she never made her mind to do so :)

One of four small churches situated around cathedral. 
Meandering road, on which everyone thoroughly drives round someone's covered with snow car :) 
Quite interesting tops of the domes. I'll mention that there is a different dome in the right, not enlarged variant of the left shot at all.
Sun is setting..

Buildings right in front of the cathedral (it's behind us). Formerly they were residential buildings of the monastery, and now - Foreign affairs faculty of the University and city administration committee on culture (that's obvious as there are heaps of foreign cars at the entrance :-) 

Originally this place was called Yekaterininskaya square, but later it was renamed into Rastrelli square - in the honor of architect. 

...Sun almost set. 

Cathedral looks a bit strange in such lighting. 

In the following album you'll be able to evaluate the views from the top (well, almost top :) of the Smolny cathedral. 


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