Wandering Camera

Album 58
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Before the winter comes, for the last bit of autumn, I offer you to take a rest from the city views in the nature. Except the first two-three shots made in august, all the rest are September. 


Sometimes nature creates such combinations which could perfectly compete with the landscape park in Pavlovsk, for instance.
Daisies were paid attention for their loneliness. 
From the mole's point of view…
Ant hill under construction. 
One may assume that it'll be raised by the date fixed.
We'll move from the civilized meadow to more or less primeval forest.
Probably, that's what the path leading to the watering place should look like ;-) 
Wild but likeable plants. Cowberries and moss (in the right) remind me of a cauliflower.
Unpretentious collection of mushrooms (criteria of edibility was not the determinant).

I don't like to look for, gather and eat them(unless soup though), but shooting them is quite another matter. 

And one more passage - into the dead forest. In spite of the gloomy views one can find here quite a few interesting things. You'll see now..
It's an ostrich in the cap, isn't it?
And this is samurai and his prostrate opponent. 
Green and goggleeyed toad :)
It must be a house of one of the mentioned above. There is no a nameboard though..
Time have come to bid farewell to the prolonged autumn..

As you had some questions on the lighting of the statues in the previous album, I would mention: I did not distinguish or illuminate anything specially. That's how they were illuminated by the sun.. 


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