Wandering Camera

Album 55
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


In actual fact, this album is direct extension of the previous one, though it doesn't relate to it topically. The same day, the same flash. I could say, that the film is the same but then I'd have lied :)


It's growing dark. Weather is getting worse and therefore, the lighting. For my today's camera it's quite critical.. 

Nevskiye gate of Peter-and-Paul's fortress is in the shot. It was built by Nikolay Alexandrovich Lvov much later than the fortress itself - in 1787.

As you've probably guessed, all shots of this album are made from the wall. Admittance there is allowed again now (as once before). One can observe the rail and people at the roof in this and the following shots.

There is a small bit of Troitsky bridge in the right in the background. 

We've turned 180 degrees.. 

Beach of the fortress is deserted. Not the right season: it's already late for acquiring a tan, and it's still early to be tempered. Unless extracting the oil.. 

Stock exchange building is seen in a distance, to the right from the turret (there is bit of Dvortsovy (palace) bridge in the left)

In the same direction but with a tele-converter.. Vasilievsky island spit - Stock exchange and two Rostral columns. Restoration of the left one is already finished, and there are covering boxes on the sides of the right one, statues are hidden in them. 
Peter-and-Paul's cathedral bell-tower. 
1712, Domenico Trezini. 
Peter the I demanded the bell-tower to be higher (122 meters high) than Ivan the Great bell-tower in Moscow (79,5 m). However, one should recognize that Ostankino (tv tower) has surpassed it ;-)
And more roofs. Autumn ones.
Two alarm clocks - the main and the reserve. Set for 12.00  
There are Zimny, Isaac's, Admiralty in the left in a distance.
That's all. 
We're leaving Peter-and-Paul's fortress having put a huge dot with this splendid autumn puddle :)

Further it makes sense to diversify city albums with the country one. 
We've definitely not been there. And I doubt you've been. 


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