Wandering Camera

Album 56
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


As I've promised - we'll take a rest from the city. 
For that it's enough to get on the suburban train and in an hour having got off at the station Roschino we're walking towards Lindulovskaya grove. 


One of us (I'll not point at him) probably had Susanins in the family, so it took us 2 hours to walk over the distance of ~3 kilometers (first we were walking in the opposite direction :)

Nevertheless, everything has passed and here we can observe all showings of getting closer to Lindulovskaya grove along the road.


"Lindulovskaya" was pronounced as "Lintulovskaya" before (what meant "Bird's)". The other name is "Peter's Ship grove" since the trees were planted for the future usage in shipbuilding (musts, bowsprits, underbodies).

Seeds of siberean larch were brought from Arkhangelskaya province according to Peter the I decree.

Needles of the larch are not as valuable as the wood, but very them give the trees this unusual look especially in the sunny weather.
Alas, needles have already fallen in the heart of the grove. As a result wood has got prehistoric features - it seems that a smaaal brontosaurus will run from behind the tree now :)
Might-have-been mast :)

It's unlikely that they store up any wood in here now - each tree has got a neat board on it with a number and, apparently, a sense of own magnitude. No wonder as many trees are more than 255 years old, and their height is more than 40 meters.

As I am suggested - planting was continued under the finns as well. 
Nowadays grove occupies a square of about 355 hectares (58 hectares out of them is larches, and that's about 4,000 trees).
River Lindulovo which gave a name to the grove runs through it.
Here and there stream of the river does not show at all…
…but in some places there is impetuous stream and real rapids.

"Ants on the slope"
wood, needles
Evening has come in the larch forest..
That's actually all. 
On our way back we met a man on the bicycle - he was singing some classical bit all forest loud, quite professionally at that. Having seen our trio he stopped singing and commented on us not lowering the speed: "Happy and contented they were returning home.." :-)

There was something I promised you a couple of albums ago… 
Remembered: In the following edition I'm offering to look at what Saint-Petersburg looks like from the colonnade of Isaac's cathedral.


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