Wandering Camera

Album 50
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Three historical buildings remain in the Summer garden - those are Letny (Summer) palace, Coffee House, Tea House. All other were either lost or pulled down. For instance, in the end of last century they managed to erect a chapel here. Fortunately, it didn't last long.


Summer palace and Prachechny bridge over Fontanka. Fontanka got its name after they started pumping water for fountains from it - before it was called "Bezymyanny(nameless) Erik".
Summer palace was built by architect Trezini for Peter the I and his wife. There was a small harbor to the right from the building where a boat was kept in readiness. 
There are different bas-reliefs on the subject of Northern war on the walls of the palace.
Coffee house. According to Rossi project. 
Pay attention to the vases - the same are situated at the bank of Lebyazhy canal, and also near Musical pavilion at Yelagin island (by the same author). 

I didn't like Tea house at all and it was ignored.

Summer garden has diminished much since the old times. Once it used to stretch up to Nevsky prospect.
Monument to Krylov (the last large work of the very same author that did horses on Anichkov bridge). We've already been here in one of the previous albums - in spring.
Looking out for prey :-)
As they write in books, some trees have been here since the times of Peter the I.
Vase whose friends are situated at the Coffee house. For some reason it seems to me that they're rather modern or, at any case, were put here relatively recently. 

One can observe sculpture "Amour and Psyche" in the background (behind the sheep vase).

Lebyazhy canal (or groove - as one prefers) and Verkhne-Lebyazhy bridge. Marsovo field is in the left from the canal. Summer garden is in the right. Neva is in the front. 
Grass-grown shore is rather insidious - one of the fellows told me that once a dog slipped on the wet grass. It had to swim almost along the whole of the canal following walking along the bank owner before it managed to get out.
That's all. I hope that I didn't present the Summer garden image too demonic in your eyes. The latter incident with a dog calls up not quite gloomy thoughts :-) 

Much remains uncovered, so I suppose, we'll come back to the Summer garden some time.

Notice the jubilee number of the album, half a century is quite a number :) 

In the next album the matter will probably concern Fontanka embankment (from Anichkov bridge to Lomonosov square) and rather noticeable building at that embankment.


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