Wandering Camera

Album 51
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Today we'll walk along the left bank of Fontanka - the plot located between Anichkov bridge and Lomonosov bridge. Special attention will be paid to two buildings at embankment. 


We'll start from Anichkov bridge over Nevsky prospect. 
The building part of which is seen in the shot became a point at issue once. I contended that it appeared after the war, my companions - that before it. Ever since they owe me an ice-cream - using a chance, I remind them of that. The only thing which justifies them is that we bet on one ice-cream and they are from different cities :)
Railing of Anichkov bridge. I am suggested that there are disagreements on the subject of its creator. First version contends authorship by A.P. Brullov (the brother), the second - that it's duplicate of the railing from the bridge over Kupfergraben in Berlin. The bridge itself was rebuilt several times, and once (seemingly, under Catherine the II) Fontanka was the border of the city and, therefore, there was a road block.
Horses by Klodt. This shot reveals how thoroughly and realistically the sculpture is made. Sheremetievsky palace is seen in a distance, where the right front hoof of the horse points. Album 40 was devoted to it. 
Beloselskiye-Belozerskiye palace at the corner of Nevsky and Fontanka. 
Its color threw me into confusion - it seems before it looked differently.
This house was built in the end of the XVIII century and was seriously reconstructed several times. For instance, originally upper floor didn't exist. However, its appearance is definitely for the better. House got looking like a diminutive palace :) 
Gate and the fence appeared much later - in 1830s. 
Family emblem belongs to the latest owner of the building (till 1917th of course) - duke G.G. Meklenburg-Strelitsky.
One my acquaintance contended that she doesn't like houses to have only one side - front - in Petersburg. 
Regarding the houses of the victorious(for the first time) capitalism epoch, then it would be correct a great extent - since presence of the second, third and forth walls in the house (meaning - properly designed ones), undoubtedly decreased its payback as it didn't affect the number of apartments in the building.. 
Rather interesting (for modern at least :) and standing out against the row of the same kind buildings "House of Tolstoy". It got its name in the honor of the owner - earl M.P. Tolstoy, and it was built by Lidval in 1910-12. 
Construction calling up vague-gloomy associations serves for hanging out the flags. At that, according to the appearance it's the contemporary of the building.
Having walked through the arch, we get into the spacious courtyard. Here and further I've used a wide-angle attachment in order to show the whole of the yard (in a perverted shape though). 

Judging by the number of the new foreign cars, considerable part of the house dwellers is "new russians". 

New russian cat :) 
Walls facing the yard are decorated with bas-reliefs in the "vegetative style" 
..and nice lamps.
Street-door. I don't know about inside but on the outside this house has been in need of repairs for long. Reality is slightly worse because usually I remove part of the cracks and stains from the shots.
One of the two sculptures in the yard. 
As many have probably guessed already, shooting reflections of something in the puddle is my weak point. 
If going through the yard one can get to another street, but it's not in our plans, so we'll turn 180 degrees and go out where we entered..
But before we'd better lift up the head and look at one rather attractive lamp. 
Here we're at Fontanka embankment again. However, it's quite enough of walks for today, we'll leave it for the next time.

I've not decided yet whether to do one more topical summer album or to finish the "summer subject" with the collection of most interesting non-connected shots.. It remains undecided. You have to wait :-)


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