Wandering Camera

Album 37
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


In this first album devoted to spring I'll not stick to geography strictly. Let it be shots from different places of the city but shots of spring. Special attention will be paid to different animals, more precisely - their architectural analogues.

And one more comment - it's the first album where the shots are made with the new digital camera - AGFAePhoto 1280. From your onlookers' point of view it'll show in the slightly better quality of the shots, sometimes in more interesting foreshortening.


mar14_04.jpg (16678 bytes) National Bird at the top of the lamp by Panteleimonovsky bridge.
As many have probably guessed, these personages from Krylov fables are welcoming spring in the Summer garden mar14_03.jpg (43229 bytes)
mar14_02.jpg (45740 bytes) Donkey, Goat, Marmoset and pigeon-toed Bruin :-) 
(characters of the fable)
For some reason visitants are surprisingly amused at this "monument" to Chizhik-Pyzhik (character of the folk song) . It's situated at the First Enginerny bridge over Fontanka right at the water. mar14_05.jpg (21714 bytes)
mar14_06.jpg (26398 bytes) Great-grandson - to the great-grandfather. Monument to Peter the I at Mikhailovsky castle
Lion at the Russian museum. Everything is so painty there that even blinds you.. mar14_08.jpg (19537 bytes)
mar14_09.jpg (7738 bytes) Muzzle on one of the lamps at the bridge over Griboedov canal 
(by Savior-on-blood)
Pelican feeding the nestling (seemingly with the bits of own body, no fish noticed in the beak). And all that is because this is the building of Pedagogic institute :-) mar14_14.jpg (23473 bytes)
mar14_12.jpg (38425 bytes) Griffins at the Bankovsky bridge near financial-economic institute. We already got across them in one of the albums but there was almost no lighting.
Monument to Nikolay the I at the Isaac's square mar14_15.jpg (17109 bytes)
mar14_18.jpg (27135 bytes) Camel in Alexandrovsky garden near Admiralty
Lion at the building of Lobanov-Rostovsky at the Admiralty prospect. mar14_17.jpg (23281 bytes)
mar14_11.jpg (17387 bytes) Swedish church at Malaya Konushennaya
And there is band not far at Nevsky. Quite picturesque, in my opinion mar15_01.jpg (33773 bytes)
mar21_11.jpg (18301 bytes) It's become a tradition to pay much attention to the ducks in the spring albums. Now again they're not passed over in attention (shot was made not far from Dvortsovy (palace) bridge).
This time it's not just ducks but a loving couple, what, however, does not stop them from aiming at the same piece of food together :-) mar21_12.jpg (20428 bytes)
mar21_10.jpg (21672 bytes) Building of 12 collegiums, SPb university today
Spring is coming... mar14_22.jpg (20910 bytes)

One can consider this album an introduction to the spring series. 
And it's not the last one in this series.


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