Wandering Camera

Album 45
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


We've seen the southern suburbs of Saint Petersburg, so now we could go to the north. Summer holiday of tsars wasn't very popular here of course, therefore it's hard to find plenty of palaces. But is it not enough to look at something besides the palaces?! Thus, Vyborg..


may23_04.jpg (26990 bytes) As it seems to me, two buildings are associated with Vyborg - the castle (which the next album will be devoted to) and this uncommonly shaped hotel.
Nearness of Finland is felt literally in everything here. Both finnish license plates on the transport and the buildings and cars which strictly hold the speed of 50 kilometers an hour (one can easily recognize such a car by the finnish license plate and a small queue of our cars after it :) may23_03.jpg (13935 bytes)
may23_02.jpg (18860 bytes) As I'm suggested, the boats here 
"..remained from the shooting of the film The trees grow on stones too. Basically, the boats were supposed to belong to vikings - but reality depends on the imagination of the cinema-men :)"
may23_05.jpg (23017 bytes) may23_06.jpg (23845 bytes)
Two shots made at the Market square. We probably got there in the very rush-hour - everything is packed with cars, stalls and people. Quite hard to find a point for shooting which would be any good. When I happened to be there later on the workday morning - it was inhabited and quiet, but alas - there was no time for shooting. 

On the right hand there is an emblem right above the arc of the market building (1904-1905). 

may23_07.jpg (30342 bytes)
"The round tower". Built in 1547-1550 by Hann Bergen, meant for defense. may23_09.jpg (29108 bytes)
may23_10.jpg (24722 bytes) Very romantic, if one can say so, window in the same tower. Nowadays cafe and banquet room are situated in this building.
The square and very many streets are cobbled, that looks very nice on the one hand, but on the other, driving along them is not a job for visitants :) may23_08.jpg (21871 bytes)
may23_12.jpg (27390 bytes) Such streets of Vyborg reminded me of Tallinn. The same cobblestone roads, narrow streets, you often come across alike buildings.

By the way, the evidence of it is that works in the Vyborg castle were held by Estonian restoration department.

And this shot is particularly interesting. There is a place in Petersburg which looks exactly the same. When walking along Sadovaya from Sennaya square then there is Przhevalsky street (seems to be?) on the right hand. So you look along it in the direction of Griboedov channel. may23_13.jpg (23706 bytes)
may23_56.jpg (49637 bytes) No comment. Though there's something in this combination..

The building itself formerly belonged to the bank "Suomen pankki".

Cathedral to St.Peter and Paul. may23_55.jpg (24861 bytes)
may23_52.jpg (18144 bytes) Watchtower.
may23_54.jpg (26756 bytes) Savior-Transfiguration cathedral. Why do they like giving cathedrals and churches the same names so much?
The clock-tower. The clock itself was established in 1753. may23_14.jpg (17205 bytes)
may23_15.jpg (20479 bytes) Vyborg cat. I didn't say "typical"! :)
Three-cornered house. That's all I can tell about it.. Port cranes are seen in the end of the street. Not a single ship could be observed. may23_51.jpg (24116 bytes)
Monument "Girl with a gearwheel" :) may23_18.jpg (57601 bytes)
may23_17.jpg (50103 bytes) Vyborg was founded in 1293 by this person - swedish marshal Knutsson.

Monument is situated opposite the castle.

Dog is awaiting sailing off. And us - the next album which will be entirely devoted to the main sight of Vyborg - the Castle. may23_49.jpg (35939 bytes)

By the way, Wandering Camera turned two years old..


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