Wandering Camera

Album 46
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Castle is the most interesting and unusual place in Vyborg, in my opinion, that's why I decided it was appropriate to devote the whole album to it.


may23_01.jpg (17527 bytes) That's what the castle presents itself like when looking from the side of the hotel mentioned in the previous album.
We're in immediate proximity, and the weather has notably improved. may23_19.jpg (24054 bytes)
may23_23.jpg (55564 bytes) The castle was built by swedes a bit earlier than the town arose (i.e. in about 1295).
Originally it was completely different, for instance, these subsidiary towers were built later then the main one (which was also reconstructed, by the way).
There was an underground passage from here along the gulf with a way out in the town in the old times at least. Concerning now - I don't know. may23_45.jpg (39559 bytes)
may23_22.jpg (31402 bytes) may23_21.jpg (34103 bytes)
Castle was not used any more as a defensive installation since 17th century. It became the arsenal, and then - political jail alike Peter-and-Paul's fortress (decembrists have been here too). Nowadays it's a museum of local lore.
may23_42.jpg (20373 bytes) may23_43.jpg (26337 bytes)
may23_46.jpg (35129 bytes) may23_47.jpg (28989 bytes)
may23_41.jpg (23854 bytes) Let's come out of the castle walls just to make the next shot..
Zaschitnaya bay and Saimensky channel. Pyramidal hotel is in the right in a distance. may23_26.jpg (20005 bytes)
may23_24.jpg (22603 bytes)  

Now we're going upstairs to the very top in order to look at the town from there. 

It was fun to see the ticket seller's face when we bought a ticket for photography from her (probably, it happened for the first time since the castle was founded :) 
She even asked again :-)

The wire netting is placed rather successfully - when flying down from the tower, you have exactly enough time to think about everything thoroughly :)

Although - no, it's most likely the protection for those who are downstairs against those who are still upstairs..

may23_27.jpg (25509 bytes)
may23_38.jpg (29035 bytes) The stairs inside the tower. It's not any less than going up Isaac's cathedral colonnade, but it's less tiresome meaning radius of curvature :)
Windows - loopholes may23_40.jpg (22288 bytes)
may23_29.jpg (23545 bytes) The light shining through the many windows inside the tower is quite a gripping sight

Ooh! We're there. A very strong wind, just blows you away! 

Let's look around.. These are the old Anne's fortifications. That gate in the left is "Fridrichgamskiye" , built in Peter the I times. 

may23_35.jpg (42715 bytes)
may23_37.jpg (42343 bytes) Town lies spread before the eyes. 
Here you can see those buildings which you've already had an opportunity to observe in the shots (close-up) earlier.
Here's a monument to Knutsson, for instance (in the center of the square behind the tree leaves) may23_31.jpg (32701 bytes)
may23_32.jpg (24455 bytes) ..And this is an old friend - the Clock-tower.
Vyborg gulf.
Probably soon a yacht commanded by the dog from the previous album will sail past here :) 
may23_33.jpg (14905 bytes)
may23_34.jpg (31056 bytes) No-no, we'll go down in a traditional way.. Simply wanted to glance at what was down there under us - in the end :) 
may23_48.jpg (17470 bytes) That's it. We're leaving a hospitable castle through this gate and Vyborg at the same time.

"Next album" - you asked? ..
A little clue: a bit more to the north-west :)


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