Wandering Camera

Album 44
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


Let's continue our journey around Tavrichesky palace…


jun16_08a.jpg (20032 bytes) Now we're standing at the exit from the Dome hall - chandelier relates now to the Catherine's.

Before moving further, I want to draw your attention to the wall between the columns. At first there was no any wall at all, and all halls of the palace could be seen through.

jun16_46.jpg (27452 bytes) jun16_27.jpg (28144 bytes)
Catherine's (the Column) hall. Presence of people in the shots gives the idea of its huge size (75x15 meters). Quite a few candles were necessary here in the time of Potyomkin.. (there were as many as 56 chandeliers then)
jun16_47.jpg (39759 bytes) jun16_09a.jpg (29055 bytes)
Chandelier in the same hall (netting here is probably for the reason to secure those walking under it :) Painting of XIX century is under the ceiling.
jun16_44.jpg (29040 bytes) A successful combination of chandeliers and columns again
This hospitable window leaf opens on the Duma hall - where Winter garden used to be. But before going into the hall, let's go out to take the air (it can be useful sometimes when it's +30C). But this time we'll go into the courtyard. jun16_57.jpg (21614 bytes)
jun16_32a.jpg (39844 bytes) jun16_31a.jpg (30533 bytes)
In this and the following shots one can see that part of Tavrichesky garden which is closed for visitors - on the side of the palace which is opposite to the front.
It rained for a while.. There is Ministerial Pavilion in a distance among the trees. jun16_49.jpg (51747 bytes)
jun16_33a.jpg (39855 bytes) From the other side..
One more nook of this part of the garden. Let's return into the palace though.. jun16_30a.jpg (46507 bytes)
jun16_72.jpg (42576 bytes) The Duma hall. Winter garden used to be here before - there were no walls (except outward), only columns used to be there. In the middle there was a rotunda supporting the ceiling, and all the year round flowers and trees grew on the artificial mounds instead of arm-chairs. Then all that was destroyed (before revolution yet, by the order of Nikolay the II), walls were erected and it was reconstructed as a meeting hall.
jun17_52.jpg (17134 bytes) jun17_49.jpg (39404 bytes)
I couldn't remain indifferent to the lamps and chandeliers. I agree it's quite obvious :) jun16_75.jpg (46399 bytes)
jun17_53.jpg (41090 bytes)
...though, I guess armchairs looked somewhat different before. jun16_53.jpg (32752 bytes)
jun17_61.jpg (45129 bytes) And the Dome hall again - combination of antiquity and contemporaneity.

Of course, we didn't touch upon many things here. And firstly, the multitude of beautiful rooms where different committees meet. However, somehow or other, I think that I've given at least the general idea of the Tavrichesky palace beauty..


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