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Album 43
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


As I've promised, today the matter will concern a famous palace - Tavrichesky. For a while now Assembly of countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States has been situated there, and actions of various kinds which propose entrance by permits are held. SPb Economic Forum was taking place in the palace this summer. Since I had an opportunity to easily move around the building (for work), I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and now I'm showing the palace to you. All shots relating the action itself are left out knowingly, - I think it's more than enough for everyone to watch these faces daily in the telescreen. 


jul02_11.jpg (23402 bytes) So, Tavrichesky palace. Built by architect Ivan Egorovich Starov in 1789. It was called in the honor of Potyomkin-Tavrichesky to whom it was given by Catherine the II for capturing Crimea (Tavrida). 

There is main entrance from Shpalernaya street side in the shot (nowadays it's official road - it leads to Smolny cathedral and institute past the palace).

Long ago view on the front of the palace opened from Neva. In XIX century they built several buildings on the territory in the front of the palace including this grand water-tower :-( jul02_14.jpg (46648 bytes)
jul02_10.jpg (27872 bytes) One of the two entrances on the front side - to the left from the central one.
Tavrihesky garden sides with the palace on the opposite side, most part of it is available for all. The ponds system gives the scenery some originality. jul02_07.jpg (38638 bytes)
jul02_09.jpg (24908 bytes) The garden and the palace are confined on different sides with fences and such a wall which was probably painted last as far back as under Soviet rule (I've restored it a bit in the shot :)
Palace from the garden side. Pyramidal roof in the shot (over the Duma hall) surely used to be different before- it was flat. jul02_08.jpg (47005 bytes)
jul02_01.jpg (31846 bytes) Pavilion in the garden. I'm not quite sure whether it's the contemporary of the palace, most likely - no. Nevertheless, it blends with surroundings quite well.
jul02_16.jpg (31088 bytes) jul02_13.jpg (24703 bytes)
Fence on the entrance side. Very interesting vases (made according to F.I. Volkov sketch).
Entrance itself. Commonwealth of Independent States' flag is over the dome. jun17_63.jpg (24186 bytes)
jul02_15.jpg (43456 bytes) As I already mentioned above, inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Commonwealth of Independent States meets there. On the whole, it's rather traditional for Tavrichesky palace, after Potyomkin this palace was used as the stables (Paul the I' idea) once, and then State Duma met here, as well as the Soviet of worker's and solder's deputies, party conferences were held, etc. It didn't have occasion to become a museum. 

But let's go inside..

The most beautiful, in my opinion, hall - the Dome one. The flag which was seen in the previous shots is flapping right over this dome. jun16_64.jpg (59905 bytes)
jun16_63.jpg (31286 bytes) Ceiling of the hall is ornamented so that it seems higher than it is in reality. In actual fact it's .. flat.
Painting "Mission to Achilles" jun16_07a.jpg (37451 bytes)
jun16_66.jpg (60132 bytes) Bas-relief "Architecture"
Side walls of the hall used to be painted so as to create an illusion of the gallery (so-called "perspective painting"), alike the painting of palace walls in Pavlovsk(on the outside). However nothing of it remains (and I've decided not to shot a vain wall to the left from this bas-relief). jun16_65.jpg (38438 bytes)
jun16_51.jpg (19896 bytes) That's how Dome hall looked when looking at the main entrance from the hall's opposite side. There is way-out to the former "Outer entrance hall" in a distance, which is equipped with metal detectors now :)
"Windows" under the arcs are actually pure decorative.. 

Combination of chandeliers and columns is beautiful. Let's walk through these columns to the next hall - Catherine's..

jun17_50.jpg (46459 bytes)

We'll continue in the next album.


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