Wandering Camera

Album 42
(Translated by Svetlana Guzeeva)


We continue our journey along Peterhof highway. I'll remind - we just left Strelna and moved further to the west. 


jun23_67.jpg (25542 bytes) I can't help thanking Sasha Starkov for providing transportation and himself as a driver :)
jun23_35.jpg (31654 bytes) jun23_34.jpg (26915 bytes)
Notable house in the sense of architecture on the roadside, closer to Peterhof. Generally speaking, that's a lodge - the outhouse of estate, which was formerly situated in the park and was destroyed during the war.

On the whole, there are quite many buildings in the characteristic style which reminds of Gothic.

jun23_36.jpg (40642 bytes) According to local dwellers, it's the building of the stables (former ones, probably). Also there's a chance that estate is called "Mikhailovka".
Despite the evident resemblance in architecture, this is another building nevertheless, though situated in immediate proximity.  jun23_37.jpg (28192 bytes)
jun23_38.jpg (39370 bytes) Again - I don't know. Many buildings of albums 41 and 42 aren't mentioned in available to me and my friends literature.
Small chapel near the road to "Znamenka" estate. jun23_39.jpg (32155 bytes)
And this is exactly "Znamenka" estate. Federal monument of 18-19th century as the poster at the highway says. Rest home nowadays. jun23_47.jpg (51538 bytes)
jun23_43.jpg (43272 bytes) There is a flower in the right, where the person stands. The one that's below in the shot :)
Aha, the very this one. I've been seizing the moment when it stops swaying for very long. In my opinion, it worked out.. jun23_44.jpg (46065 bytes)
jun23_42.jpg (37293 bytes) Here it's definitely not RSFSR emblem as it was in Strelna..
Church in the immediate proximity to the estate. jun23_46.jpg (42606 bytes)
jun23_52.jpg (45352 bytes) And that's in Peterhof now. Building of 1830, by V.F. Fedoseyev.
jun23_53.jpg (28116 bytes) jun23_54.jpg (24412 bytes)
jun23_49.jpg (35760 bytes) Former stables attached to peterhof palace. Just next to the Upper park. Now there's sanatorium/hotel. 
There is emblem above the entrance in the shot below (there's restaurant now). 
jun23_51.jpg (40486 bytes) jun23_50.jpg (29475 bytes)
Let's cross the highway. One can see such an interesting building near the pond. 

That's the house of A. Geirot (XIX century), who wrote the first guide-book on Peterhof.

jun23_56.jpg (49671 bytes)
jun23_55.jpg (46532 bytes) Cathedral to Peter and Paul already mentioned by me in the album on winter Peterhof. Here it's shot from the opposite side - from the bank of Olgin pond.
jun23_59.jpg (39657 bytes) jun23_57.jpg (33238 bytes)
Two pavilions (Tsar's and Olgin) are situated in the small islands of the pond (where one can get along the mound). Both of them are in a sorry plight. Though I'm not quite sure that I've shot the very them, but looks like it.
jun23_60.jpg (21911 bytes) Arc in Oranienbaum. Shot in passing.
Here (right after dam) we decided that we'd not come across anything outstanding any more, so we could go back.
jun23_62.jpg (15970 bytes)
jun23_68.jpg (67868 bytes) jun23_69.jpg (36106 bytes)
It's clear that we missed something nevertheless and now we partly make up for it on the way back. Here's a building looking like a church. There is a successful combination of rays of the true sun and the sun pictured. I noticed it only when came home.
jun23_70.jpg (25450 bytes) In the city now.. Novoznamenskaya estate. Though estate itself existed as far back as the peter's times, this building was built in 1755-60 according to Rinaldi project. 

If I'm right, nowadays it's occupied by "International institute" which has a distinctive address: "Chekistov street, 13" :)

"Chekist" is a special service officer (obsolete word))

Still in the same place, near estate. jun23_71.jpg (37681 bytes)
jun23_73.jpg (38178 bytes) It's not quite clear about this building, but presumably - Dashkova estate, 18th century.

You've looked through the first two summer albums. I'm thinking of showing you one famous palace within the bounds of the city next. From inside (where one can't get now without a permit) and from outside.


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