Wandering camera

Album four
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

Neva, St. Isaac Cathedral, Nevskii , Summer garden , Mikhailovskii Castle's garden

Nature does not have bad weather ...

s17_03.jpg (16763

Leutenant Schmidt Embankment

s17_04.jpg (21197
bytes) s17_05.jpg
(26563 bytes)

The strong wind did not blow for long but the river banks are almost flooded

English embankment.
Weather is completely spoiled. It's raining pretty hard.

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s17_09.jpg (25552 bytes) View from English embankment to University embankment

Bronze horseman. In the background - the Kunstkamera's tower in scaffold

s17_12.jpg (17625 bytes)

s17_14.jpg (18580 bytes)

Something feathery on top of a column near Manege

St. Isaac Cathedral s17_17.jpg
(29375 bytes)
s17_20.jpg (19012 bytes) Monument to Nicolas I. In the background - Mariinskii Palace

And again St. Isaac Cathedral.

s17_21.jpg (21665 bytes)
s17_24.jpg (23558

St. Peter's church on Nevskii prospect

Portico near Gostinnyi Dvor

s17_25.jpg (19646 bytes)
s22_02.jpg (32664 bytes) Summer Garden's grill adjacent to Fontanka river
I took this picture to convert it to vector format afterwards. I feel now like I am going to remember all my life how many and which elements it has. ;) s22_12.jpg (29265 bytes)
s22_14.jpg (50053

Alley in Summer Garden. The wind is very strong and the rain is hard. On your right you can see the flying leaves. I've seen a picture like that in a gallery on Nevskii, only without benches and people. Looks like a forest..

Russian museum from the side of Summer garden. The view is a little strange, this is because it is less wet when you are standing under a tree. :) s22_19.jpg (40326
s22_20.jpg (56929

Grill separating the Mikhailovskii Castle's garden from Cathedral of Savior on Blood

Alley in Mikhailovskii garden.

s22_22.jpg (40885 bytes)

After this walk I had to take my watch apart to dry them. Now it shows 01:00 more then once a day :-)

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