Wandering camera

Album three
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

Fontanka river, Russian museum, Savior on Blood, Palace Square, Arrow of St. Basil Island

The sky was gray all day, it was raining and you could not imagine that the evening would be that fine. Nevertheless .... Let's think we are lucky. So:

Fontanka river. In the old days this building belonged to Ekaterinovskii Institute. Sun is coming out from behind a cloud somewhere behind us
Same place. A duck (kind of an animal) :)
Walkway down to the water. Ahead of us - a bridge across Fontanka. Is it Belinsky's bridge ? I am not sure.
Mikhailovskii castle - last time I took close range pictures , let's have a prospective now
An interesting building near the Circus. If you tell me what's its name I'll write it here.:)

Museum of Ethnography...

You can see the Savior on Blood Cathedral ahead. They've just finished its restoration. We'll talk about it later
Russian museum. By the way, from the other side it looks just as nice. I'll show you sometime.
Savior on Blood Cathedral. As I said, they've just finished its restoration inside and the first couple of days the entrance was free. As a result you could see a gigantic line, almost to Nevsky Prospekt. It certainly tells you something about people when they have such an earning for the arts. On the other hand, the absence of the line now makes you think of a well known saying about "khaliava" (No English equivalent, means "something for free". The saying is - "Na khaliavu - for free - even vinegar is sweet):)
It turns out that one can find an interesting picture even under ones own feet. On the right - reflection of Savior on Blood in a puddle, on the left - Griboedov Channel.
Onion domes. Remind one of St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow.
Architecture of Savior on Blood stands out from the classical style of the majority of buildings in St. Petersburg. If I remember correctly, that was the reason why it came very close at some point to sharing the destiny of the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. It escaped however.
Palace Square, General Army Headquarters from an unusual (from my point of view) angle.
Palace Square, Winter Palace and sundown..
General Headquarters and its Arch :)
Standard view...
Arrow of St. Basil Island and Rostral Columns as seen from the middle of Palace bridge. By the way, if you do not know, they are working very seriously on the columns. Scraped the pavement on a large area around them and mounted a solid fence.
View on Palace Embankment from the arrow of Basil island. And the moon:-)
The outlines are coming out very nice when lighting is poor. ;)
View from Birzhevyj bridge. St. Basil Island on the left, Petrogradskii district - on the right.
At this point my batteries have run down. I am not going try to save on them any more.
I had to make the last frame with old ones - was lucky I did not throw them out. I think, though, it came out good. The moon through clouds behind Peter and Paul Fortress..

There is no more memory and batteries for today ;-)

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