Wandering camera

Album five
(Translated by D. Mosesian)

Fall exhibition in the hall Lenekspo (at the Harbor)

The fall exhibitions of computers' hardware and communication systems are already traditional in St. Petersburg This time they were all (Norwecom, Educom, Networks, Invecom) combined and happaned at the same time (from 25 to 29 of November)

The weather is not too good, although you can't really feel it inside the exhibition halls :)
The entrance fee this time was 15000 for all exhibitions.
As far as I understood there were 4 halls.

(Sign above the entrance - Networks'97)
I haven't seen anything especially interesting. As usual, mostly the retailer of hardware and dealers of foreign companies.

Since we are on the internet ourselves we looked a little at its providers.

Company "PKom"

Company "Nevalink"...

...and Dmitrii Semkin who works there :)
A parrot giving away the price lists. There was also two rather strange young men in handkerchiefs on their heads who assaulted the peacefully walking citizens ;)
  "LEK Telecom" - they were playing guitar, cello and something else at there stand, it all looked pretty unusual and attracted people.
Sergei Klimenkov at "Elcom"
And SparcServer standing behind him.
PCI, up to 4GB RAM, up to 4 processors UltraSparc
Tasty thing :)
"Admiral telecom"
Stand of Aiaks (if I am not mistaken). Sticker on the car's window - "Intel Inside".

I wander if this means to say that Intel is good or bad? ;-)

Stand "Peterlink"
The absence of large foreign companies like IBM, Microsoft and such was very noticeable (comparing to the previous exhibitions)
However there was as usual a lot of people. It would be useful to place traffic lights on some of the intersections to control the traffic :)

Gulf view (exhibition hall is behind us)

That's it, we can swim home now..

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