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(Translated b
y Irina Novikova)


After a short break, we again return to Moskovsky park of Victory. This time in the winter.


The hotel "Rossia" (on the opposite side of the Moskovsky prospect, on Chernishevskaya square) - the view from the park.

Monument to Marshall Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov.

As a matter of fact, the monument was established fairly recently - in 1995. Prior to that the plan was to establish it on the corner of prospect Stachek and Marshall Zhukov. But in the end it was decided (and rightly so) that there it will look out of place.

Architect P. Gepner, sculptor I. Neiman.

The base was here well before and was meant for the memorial to I.V.Stalin, which it seems was never established here.

ACC - Athletic Concert Complex

The Alley of Heroes

On the background one can see the afore mentioned monument to Zhukov.

By the way, I read somewhere (even though it sounds doubtful) that the list of the first three monuments established in Saint Petersburg looks the following:

1). Lenin
2). Peter I
3). Popov

To top it all, Popov was still in second place just a year or two ago ;)

Park was restored - as one can see, pavilions (1950s) are neat and in relative order.
Ferris wheel near prospect Gagarin.
Interesting - how gradual is the change in the height of the trees ;)



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