Wandering Camera

Album 349
(Translated by Inna)


Lets continue our walk through Peterhof. Well also see Oranienbaum.


This is Olgas Pond, located in Colonial park, across the highway from the well-known Upper Gardens of Peterhof.

It has 2 interesting islands that hold the Tsarina's pavilion and Olgas pavilion.

The pond was dug in the 1840s in order to provide water to the city, as well as to the fountains.

Before then, this was the Hunters marsh.

The Tsarina's pavilion pavilion.

Built in 1841-1844 by A.I. Shtakenshneider.

The outside was influenced by old Roman buildings found in Pompei.

In the 1920s, the pavilion was closed.

A decorated ferry used to sail between the islands and the shore.

During German occupation, it was sunk and the pavilion was used as a security and observation point. As a result, the buildings were heavily damaged.

Olgas pavilion.

It was built for the daughter of Nicolas I (Olga) by the same A.I. Shtakenshneider, in 1846-47, in the style of Italian villas.

Restorations are almost done.

People live in this house you can see the mailboxes in the doorway.

Its falling apart a bit, but at least its colorful.

If only you could move them to the right a little, cast them in bronzeand change the steps to marbleshouldnt look too shabby.

Peter and Pauls cathedral.

At least 5 cats live nearby, and all look like relatives if not twins.

And here were in Oranienbaum further on the highway from Peterhof.

This is the Grand Palace.

the central part.

I wouldnt say too many things changed here. This palace doesnt look like it was or is being restored.

Although some buildings were cleaned up for example, the Picture House.

It was built in the middle of the 18th century, probably by Rastrelli.

Was one of the first museums in Russia.

This album is full of cats.

This representative of the local fauna ran alongside us for about 10 minutes. And didnt even ask for anything.

Since, apparently, money doesnt reach Oranienbaum (the location of Peterhof between it and St. Petersburg probably plays a part) theyre trying to attract tourists with something else.

Like various birds by the pond.

The entry gates of the amusing fortress Peterstadt (the fortress itself didnt survive).

The palace of Peter III.

Besides birds, deer also appeared.

Behind a fence, of course.

A closer view.

Theyre deer, right?

Chinese palace.
Cavaliers building. I think this is appearing for the first time on Wandering Camera.
Built in 1767 by Rinaldi. Reconstructed in 1843-1845.
And thats it for this short tour.



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