Wandering Camera

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(Translated b
y Svetlana Golubeva)


Lets have a look, how does the Sankt-Petersburg look like over a week after New Year holidays.


Most of all I dont like how did violence to one of wings of building, made 4 heads on it. Yes, it will attract tourists. But I think, itll not be enough to compensate the alteration.

I dont remember exactly, were the wings of building mentioned symmetrical according to Rasstrellys project. But the empress wanted in one of them the church with some wings of building (the write photo was made before the revolution). In the Soviet Union the wing of building was restored symmetrical (the right photo). The year before last it was got back (upper photo).

Strictly speaking, on this photos you couldnt really see the waste, because unsymmetrical doesnt strike when you look at the palace.

It shines very well, I couldnt even argue.

Do you see the fir-tree at the write? Its the New Year tree, there are toys on it. And they are more beautiful then on the Dvortsovaya square.

Apropos, did you notice, that there was a period when the stars returned on the New Year trees. Because after the perestroika there were no stars on the official New Year trees ;-)

The freeze Morskoy Canal to the Gulf of Finland.

The lions near the Voronihinskiye Colonial. En face looks kind

In profile dont :)

Now a little about local fowl.

Everything was took off in radius 3 metres.

A titmouse.

The coloration is similar

I was struk by squirrel there are so small hair on such big tail.

I thought if you look at the squirrel with a sober view its a cross between a cat and a mouse.

Dont go there the snow can fall on your had

Again the Morskoy Canal, a view on the Bolshoy palace.

Its hard to determine, whats the building near the jetty. Dont like the novodel, but on maps (and on the new maps, too) you couldnt find it.



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