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Album 327
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y Straube)


Today we'll visit the former house of F.G. Bazhenov in Marata st, 72.


The house was built for merchant Bazhenov in 1906-1910 according to the project of civil engineer P.F. Aleshin.

By the way, F.G. in Bazhenov's initials stand for Filadelf Gennagjevich!

A few years ago the restoration of the house has been completed.

The first and second floors are occupied by the Children Library of St. Petersburg's History and Culture (the branch of Pushkin Central Library for Children).

On the 3d floor, as far as I can understand, there are private apartments. By the way, the apartments were for rent in Bazhanov's times as well. The "facade" part of the building belonged to the owner, and the part viewing the yard was for the clerks.

It seems from a distance that there are 2 owls on each side of the roof, but it's just the ornament.
The library was founded in 1934, but it moved to this building in 1984.
(I was told that there was a library here before the war, but I'm not sure which library it was).
The entrance.
The main staircase.
A few steps up.

The interiors were created by N.K. Rerih, M.A. Vrubel, P.K. Vaulin, L.A. Ditrih.

The staircase is magnificent of course. Mainly because of the lamps.

It was made of marble in the shops of M.A. Kuznetsov.


There are enough snapsots for the separate album "The staircase in the house #72 in Marata street".

But it would have taken a lot of time to think of the comment :)

These shots are made practically in the passage,or rather in the adjacent to the passage rooms.
The fireplace ornament in detail.
Another adjacent room.

To the right - the ceiling.

The passage, a door to one of the rooms.

All interios are skillfully made in one style - the design is different, but small details help to create the necessary atmosphere.

A window to the yard.

The yard (though it's a "well" type) looks very decent - the walls are decorated with ceramics.

The decorations, roofs and fireplaces are made in the shops of P. Vaulin and O. Goldvein.

Another fireplace (a real house of fireplaces :)
All wooden panels, decorations and furniture are made by "F. Meltzer & C" factory according to drafts of Aleshin.

Please, if you know these rooms and fireplaces (the names), contact me and I'll add the information to my comment).

Next album - more interiors.



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