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The walk from Tuchkov bridge to Birgevoy bridge will be the subject of our first spring album. But basically I will take pictures of the only one Malaya Nevka shore.


However, I'll start not from the bridge, but a bit before it.
This is the new (almost finished) trading center near the sport hall "Jubileiniy" (it stands in the right, behind me)
In summer the fountains are planned to be on the square in front of the trading center (this picture is looking a bit further).
The same building - view from Bolshoy prospect (Tuchkov bridge is behind me).

The right part of the building is very similar to department stores built in 1930-ies. And the left part - looks like it's taken from another, modern building.

Here we go - and take a step on Tuchkov bridge. On the right goes Admiral Makarov embankment (Vasilievsky island). We will walk on it, but we won't take the pictures, because they would come out against the sun.

On the left - Petrograd side, there's no embamkment. I mean, there is, but we can't go there, access to this area is forbidden.

The area with the long yellow building is called "Tuchkov buyan" (former "Penkov buyan").
Before the beginning of XX century it's been separated from Petrograd side by channel, so it's meant to be an island.
Although the building looks like palace (there were rumours that it's a palace for Byron) - it's been built as a hemp storehouse (1764-1772, architector is A.Rinaldi). It also had a name "Tuchkov buyan", the same with former island.
By the way, storehouse was rebuilt - it's buildings were not so monotonous.
In soviet times here was the State Institute of applied chemistry (the former name: "Chemical institute of defence industry").
Nowdays (since 1995) the Military-space (?) cadet corps is situated here.
To my mind, "space" and "cadet" combines in the same way like "joint-stock company" and "Carl Marx" :)
The central building on the right picture - is "Vazhnya", a place were the weighing-machine installed.

It's funny to read this address (1904) to the city mayor:

"We, the undersigned painters, who lives on Tuchkov embankment, submissively asking your excellency: in a case of repair, re-colouring of "Penkov buyan" near the Tuchkov bridge, could you paint it not in yellow, but in grey, because it interferes with it's yellow colour and gives yellow reflexes to our studios, it is very awkward for painting".

As we can see, the request has never been heard :)

In autumn seagulls of this breed looked fatter somehow :)
Ahead, in the distance, we can see Birgevoy bridge

The building with the dome, in the left - Pushkin house

If we look back, we can see the whole Tuchkov bridge.
It's length - 226 meters, width - 36 (as I know, it's the widest bridge over the Neva river)

In 1758 here was the pontoon-bridge, built with merchant's investitions. Merchant Abraham Tuchkov, the owner of wooden store, invested more than others, so the bridge got his name.
In 1833-1835 another, wooden opening bridge was built.
The modern, ferroconcrete bridge, was built in 1962-1965 according to projects of ingeneers V.V.Demchenko, B.B Levin and architectors A.P.Areshen and L.A.Noskov.

Let's go a bit further
The Prince Vladimir cathedral.

It's interesting, that at first the cathedral has been planned (A.Zemtsov project) and raised as one-headed (1742), but in 1747 the instructions were given: "to built a cathedral with five heads, according to ancient russian custom". Cathedral was finished by A.Rinaldi.

In the past in this area (and inside the buildings) were the wine store and the alcohol cleaning factory

It's needed to say some words about plans to reorganisate these areas.

In the end of XIX centure the grandiose exhibition complex has been planned here.
It could have been symmetric to the Admiralty, with domes and steeple.

In 1920-ies the baths were planned.
In 1950-ies was a project to make a big park, the united recreation zone - from "Petrovsky" stadium through Zoo and Alexander park to Troitskaya square. But finally the building of State Institute of applied chemistry appeared in 1961 (on upper picture)

After perestroika there were plans to finish the embankment and to call it in honour of academician Dmitry Likhachev (who worked in Pushkin house, on the other side).

Then there was an idea (and it's still actual) to demolish most of the buildings (except Rinaldi's storehouse) and to raise different offices, business-centers, shops, elite apartments, attracting forreign architectors. The name of the project - "Europa Embankment"

Let's look at the Tuchkov bridge once more
Lions on Admiral Makarov embankment.

Established in the beginning of XIX century - that's al that we know about them

And, also that they made from pink granite.
Peter and Paul fortress, "Aquarell" restaurant, the masts of new-built "sailing-ship-restaurant"
So, we go back to Birgevoy bridge again.
The first spring walk is over.




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