Wandering Camera

Album 328
(Translated b
y Straube)


We continue our visit to Bazhanov's house (it was also called "Business Association of Bazhanov and Chuvaldina").


Assembly hall.

The fireplace was made according to Vrubel's drafts by Petr Vaulin. It's called "Volga and Mikula Selyaninovich".

Doors and windows in the same room.
Another room. And the fireplace again.

I couldn't take a general view - there are bookcases everywhere.

An interesting lamp.

Especially if you compare it switched on and off :)
Another room
Remarkable for its ovals.
It seems that there should be something inside them - some picture or ornament.
And the last room, interesting for its ceiling.
And another fireplace.
Bazhanov's house is also often mentioned in connection with "Bogatyirsky frieze" by N.K. Rerih (1909), which is kept in Russian Museum.

By the way you can order an excursion in the library



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