Wandering Camera

Album 325
(Translated b
y Veniamin Slavitskiy)


The last winter album - compilation. A little bit of everything.


Dvortsovaya (Palace) Embankment.

This isn't a white night (midnight sun), just a winter evening. However, they have something in common.

The Spit of Vassilievsky island at New Year's Eve
The reason I love the Troitsky (Trinity) bridge is the clever illumination.
Moika Embankment, 78.

Former private residence of A.O. Smirnova-Rosset.

Built in 1809, reconstructed in 1839-1840.

The garret with windows was added in the recent years.

The dome of the "Book House".

I mean the former "Book House". Nowadays it is located in a different building, closer to Fontanka.

The G.A. Tovstonogov Academic Greater Drama Theatre at Fontanka, 65.

The building was constructed in 1876-1878, designed by the architect L.F. Fontaine with a monetary support from Count Apraksin. The Lesser Theatre owned by A.S. Suvorin was originally located here.

In 1920 the building was transferred to the newly-formed Greater Drama Theatre that was conceived by M. Gorky, A. Blok and A. Lunacharsky.

Tovstonogov was a principal producer of the theatre from 1956 until his death in 1989.

The Beloselsky-Belozersky palace at the corner of Nevsky avenue and Fontanka.

Built in 1846-1848. Designed by the architect A.I. Shtakenshneider for Dukes Beloselsky-Belozersky.

Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich (brother of Tsar Alexander III) had owned the palace from 1884 until the Revolution of 1917 during which time it was called Sergievsky.

This, I believe, is Moika embankment, 90.

Chernyshev's house, designed by A.K. Burgeau, 1834.

Next to it is Pochatamsky (Post Office) bridge. Built in 1823-1824. Designed by engineer V.K. Treter, under advisement of engineer V.A. Chtistianovich.
Following several redesigns, it was restored to its original view in 1983 and now looks the same as when it was originally constructed.

Jusupovsky palace on Moika.
It is this one, known to everybody, where Rasputin was killed and where tours on the subject are conducted. As I promised before, more about this place later.
Petrovsky (Peter) stadium near Tuchkov bridge
Originally built in 1924-1925.
The current building with column constructed in 1957-1961, designed by the architects N.V. Baranov, O.I. Guriev and V.M. Fromzel.
Reconstructed in 1981.

Has been called "V.I. Lenin Stadium" until recently.

Neva, Peter-and-Paul fortress, Rostralnaya Column's shadow.
Zimniy (Winter) palace, Rostralny Columns, Knyaz-Vladimirsky (Duke Vladimir) Cathedral is seen in a distance (it is located near Sportivnaya metro station).
Next I have Spring planned :-)

Also, a small report about flood in St. Petersburg on January, 9th, 2005.


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