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The short stop in Kingisepp on the way from Koporie to Ivangorod.

Before revolution the city had the name "Yambourg" - Peter the First called it in 1703 when he took it back to Russia (since 1617 Yambourg has been occupied by Swedens).
After perestroika this name is used sometimes again. V.E.Kingisepp was an estonian revolutionary, so this is a question, whether it's wrong or right.


Catherine cathedral
The monument:

"To heroic partisans who died in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945"

The cathedral was built in 1764-1782 by architector A.Rinaldi's project.

I'm prompted, that in local newspaper "Eastern Shore" was written that Catherine cathedral - is a smaller copy of undone project of St.Isaac cathedral which Rinaldi did earlier.

Reminds about: "V.I.Lenin stayed here"

It's especially well combining with an icon ;-).

The grating is metallic, the doves are real :)

But they feel really cold

You may laugh, but this is the ruined (exploded) fortress Yam.
Actually, only some hills in the park left from it.
The house, partly built from the leavings of this fortress
The Luga river flows here.
The fortress is standing on it's shore (this rampart is originally artifical - in the distance we can see something shaped like bastion).

The Yam (Yamgorod) fortress was built in 1384, in only 33 days. It's been intended to protect northern approaches to Novgorod.

In the beginning of XV century the fortress yet had 9 towers (4 of them - corner towers) The thickness of walls was from 3 to 4 meters.

In 1781 according to Catherine the Second's edict, fortress towers were disjoined. In 1816 fortress took today's shape.

The stream of Luga is very fast

Even in such a frosty weather, in the middle of the river the ice can't form well enough. However, as usual, it doesn't make the people scared :-)

The length of the river - 353 km, width from 20 to 30 meters

Natives. Not all :)
Population of Kingisepp - 52 thousand people.

During the war the city was strongly damaged.
Basically, the building has been made in 1970-80 years.




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