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So, we keep on walking on the North-Western ruins :) The last one took place in spring 2001
This is our second visit to Koporie fortress.


 It's afternoon now, but I can't say that it's getting warmer.

The most irreplaceable thing in our winter conditions - is a supplementary diesel stove. The driver of our bus has put the thick holed tube from the stove through the lounge - as a result, we felt much better.

Actually, the Koporie village is situated on the one side of the road
And on the other side - the fortress with the same name
Let me remind that the fortress is quite old - it's built in XIII century. It was founded by the son of Alexander Nevsky.
Inside of the fortress
What has changed since the last visit (2001):

1. At the entrance the new container appeared - with windows, electricity and heating. Now you have to pay to enter the fortress! :-)
2. To repair the church ruins (on next two pictures), they delivered some brick blocks and , I think, they even bricked up a couple of holes.
3. There's a guide inside the container - the ticket cost contains a short excursion

The moat in front of fortress wall
A wall fragment on the other side of fortress.

I would not recommend to walk on it! ;)

From this point - there is view of the snow-covered local cemetery
And our way leads now to the next ruins.
Not just ruins, however.




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