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This suburb, which I promiced to visit in previous album, is called Gostilitsy and it's situated between Peterhof and Koporie (33 km to the south from Lomonosov).
This is a settlement with a country-seat built in XVIII century and the park. It's little-known,
because it lies in ruins - it has never been repaired.


Next to the country-seat stands some ordinary looking buildings. Nevertheless, they are very old and they also have got the real historical value.
Early morning
Originally, the country-seat belonged to R.K.Areskin (personal doctor of Peter the First) in 1706 .
Since 1720 till 1728 год it's belonged to A.D.Menshikov.

Then it's belonged to B.H.Minih, an engineer who built canal locks on Ladoga lake. Accordingly, at the same time the park appeared (even with fountains at that days).

In 1743 the country-seat came to the count K.Razoumovsky, the empress Elysabeth's favourite.

After Razoumovsky, since 1824, A.M.Potemkin became the owner (not Potemkin-Tavrichesky, but his nephew). In 1845 the palace has been rebuilt according to project made by Shtakenshneider (?).
Who's been the author of the first version of the building (on upper pictures) and what's the difference between first and current - we don't know.
Golitsins were the last owners, then there were F.E.Wrangel and K.F.Siemens (since 1889).

The last one installed electrical equipment (in 1903). Then, till the 1917, his daughter was the owner of country-seat.

After revolution here was a state-farm "Red Baltic" (now the joint-stock company with the same name). Before the Great Patriotic War the boarding-school was placed at the palace. During the war the buildings were damaged and it looks like they've never been repaired at all

The origin of the name "Gostilitsy" goes from the ancient Novgorod name "Gostilo" (in other version - from the word "guests"). This place is known since XV century.

By the way, the river that flows near, named "Gostilka"

Maybe, these are the ruins of Cavalry corp's outhouse (XVII century).
Somewhere in this place was the tea-house, that remains in quite good condition. It's known because once Catherine the Second and her husband stayed here for the night. Because the house was half-finished, it was strengthened from inside with ten beams. But the manager decided that beams spoiled the bedroom view, and, ignoring the architector's advise, took them away… :
In the night the house collapsed.
Have to notice, that it was REALLY cold. Lower than -20 with strong humidity. But the tree branches looked very beautiful. Admittedly, my photocamera refused to work, sometimes it got jammed. I wonder, what the producers of digital cameras mean (what do they depend on?), when they deliver'em to Russia with the notice in instruction that the lower temperature limit is -0 degrees?!
St.Trinity Church

Built by A.V.Kvasov project in 1764, when the owner was count Razoumovsky.

Kvasov also built some other auxiliary buildings in the country-seat.

Near the church
Look at the three good-looking houses in the left. They seem to be somehow out of general style! :-)
The frozen pond and the view of the village.

It's quite hard to reach Gostilitsy without a car, but it's possible. By train to Stary Peterhof station, and then by bus (goes about once in hour)



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