Wandering Camera

Album 304
(Translated b
y Natalia)


There was no New Year album this year, but I offer you "after-New-Year-album" - about January, 1st.


As the foreword -this is a view from a window in the house, where my friends and I celebrated the New year (in the district of Savushkin str., Begovaya str. and Yactennaya str.). It's between 1 and 3 a.m. People went outside to have fun with fireworks. :)

For the morning we have decided to be freshened and, as the most accessible place, we've chosen the new "Park of 300th Anniversary of St.Petersburg".

In the park.

From northern part the park leads to Primorsky highway, and with southern - to Finland gulf.

The park has been established in 1995 and already more or less on something became similar, short of that plates on paths here and there have already failed. As it is usual, they tried to be in time to 300th Anniversary :)

And the trees, of course, have to grow and grow…

A fountain between entrance and lighthouse. I heard, it's even worked for a while.
On a lay-out the park represents three beams converging near to an entrance - a "Trident"
The architector of "Lighthouse-pillar" is V.Vasilkovsky.

In general the layout of the park was made by:

Å. Vasilkovskaya
Å. Stanchinskaya
Å. Delarov
À. Melentieva
À. Didora
Ì. Nikitina

The concept has been developed in 1996 by APM-2 BG KGA

The Kirov stadium on Krestovsky island is well visible from here

At the left - established about one year back belfry.

The "translucent" parts of pillar and embankment obviously have something in common.

The part of park leads to a gulf in the form of embankment

…and part - in form of beach
The general view of the edge of the park, Krestovsky island and a gulf.
New buildings on Vasilievsky island.
I guess, fishermen have even met the New Year here :)

At the left a football gate are seen. They stand here since summer-autumn. Probably somewhere here also the football player freezed… Hm…Think, I've distracted a bit :)

People goes somewhere, by stamped road of life…
Those, who woke up later than us :)
Back home, with the catch.




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