Wandering Camera

Album 296
(Translated b
y Vlad)


The Theme of this album is the Volodarsky Bridge and its surroundings.
The bridge connects Ivanovskaya and Narodnaya streets, near the Lomonosovskaya metro.


Construction of the Volodarsky Bridge began in 1932 and it was opened to traffic in 1936. It was designed by academician G.P.Peredery and architects A.S.Nikolsky and K.M.Dmitriev.

Length of the bridge - 325 meters, width - 36 meters.
A new technology was applied in the bridge construction - steel wings being assembled on the shore and floated into place on pontoons. Also it is interesting, that here is the first traffic intersection on different levels in our city.

Middle part of the bridge is a draw span. It was modernized in 1971.

In 1986-1992 (1993) the bridge was modernized once again (farms were removed, the width and height was increased, draw span became single-leaf) therefore it gained its present appearance - much less successful and expressive, in my opinion.
At the same time on the river bank nearest to us (see photo) the tram viaduct was completed.

Photo of the original form of the bridge from V.G.Lisovsky's book " Leningrad. Areas of new buildings ", 1983

Trees along the bridge also are not present anymore.

In parallel to the nearest bank of a river (see the previous photo) the tram viaduct has been completed.

Here its part along Neva is visible...

... further it turns on the left, to the bridge.
On the other bank, at the left and right of the bridge, there are groups of identical houses (an apartment house + department store) stand rather successfully making out the entrance to Narodnaya street.
One of our readers told us this story:

Firstly, right at the beginning of 1960, two 5-storeyed brick buildings were constructed along Narodnaya street. It’s appeared then, that they were completely out of place here and it was decided to demolish them, but this never happened. In 1964 two 7-storeyed panel houses were constructed near to the 5-storeyed, in parallel to the Neva. And the basic part of the square before the bridge, the nearest to Neva, - two 9-storeyed buildings of 602 series and two 16-storeyed houses - were built in mid-1970 (group of architects led by D.S.Goldgor).

Quite another matter that these houses were not repaired since the end of 1980 (approximately) and the ensemble looks consequently, to put it mildly, not absolutely how was conceived.
View along the Neva toward the city centre.

The street along the quay at the left is the prospect of Obuhovskaya Oborona. It goes down Neva now coming nearer to it, now going away.
If to look afar you can see the cranes on October quay. Close to there fishermen often catch a smelt. Well anyway local TV frequently likes to show them there :)
The lattice, traditional in Petersburg design, has decayed a little.

On the other bank Narodnaya Street begins and goes away northward from the bridge.

Let's walk under the bridge.

Where the ships are seen ahead is a river station of Saint Petersburg (constructed in 1970).

The "Rechnaya" hotel.

Was constructed in 1974 under the project of architects V.V.Popov and I.N.Kuskov.

Autumn leaf near the bridge.
A building of the administration of the Nevsky district stands nearby.
It is constructed under the project of architects E.A.Levinson and I.I.Fomin in 1938-1940.
Earlier, the Nevsky District Council was there (the building was constructed specially for it).
The same building being seen from the different points.

A little bit of strangeness - from the façade it looks beautiful, and columns at the left too correspond, but here is such an odd building with one more entrance.

Maybe was reconstructed?

There is the monument to V.V.Volodarsky near Volodarsky bridge.

The square here was made out after the war [Second World War].

Earlier the region around the bridge named to Shchemilovka after the village.

V.Volodarsky was the Commissar on Press Affairs, Propagation and Propaganda of Petrograd and Northern region, and also the editor of "The Red Newspaper".

In 1918 heading for a meeting he was killed by members of the Right SR party (the monument is established near to the place of his death). He was buried on the Marsovo Pole.

Sculptors M.G.Manizer, L.V.Bleze-Manizer, architect V.A.Vitman.
The monument was opened in 1925.

Further (to the left between houses) there is Ivanovskaya street on which we shall have a little walk in the following album

Also I want to bring to your attention an album "From the City’s Life: April 2004", devoted to indicative start-up of models of rockets at Peter and Paul Fortress, at celebration of the Day of Astronautics.



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