Wandering Camera

Album 265
(Translated b
y Marianna Serebrennikova)


What a summer can go without Petergoff's photos?


The Peter-and-Paul's Cathedral.
The Upper Park.

The view onto the Great Palace and the Park in front of it.

As I have told before, one of Palace wings was reconstructed as a chapel; they added cupolas in accordance with one of old projects.

So, work is done.

A small orchestra in the Upper Park.
The Sea Channel and the Palace.
Fountains of the Great Cascade.
"The Samson defeating the Lion"
The view of Gulf of Finland and the Quay.

In connection with visitors number growing (because of three-hundredth anniversary) number of "Meteor" passages to Petergoff was approximately doubled.

At the same time there are no passages to Kronshtadt, as people say.

A duck is on free earnings.
One more orchestra is near the Gulf.

While Vietnamese or Chinese tourists going by, the orchestra played their national anthem; thus, stimulated a mass of positive emotions.

Variety of birds' world.
A top of one of four little "Triton" fountains.

Unfortunately, the fountains are surrounded with a non-photogenic fence; evidently, visitors seized with their arms too often.

The "Menazherniy" fountain.
To have a nap to the accompaniment of the water.
The "Golden Mountain" Cascade
One of the "Bell" fountains in front of "Montpleser" Pavilion.
Who remembers, there are trick fountains near "Montpleser" Pavilion, which are turned on unexpectedly and water those, who crave for.

You can see on the photo a process of "fortuitous" turning on. It should be noted, that a man's face doesn't express anything. Quasi he seats accidentally there.

The "Sun" fountain.
The same.
It can be seen nearby, that the fountain is trimmed with wood.

Or in imitation of?

A newly-colored dragon of "Dragon" Cascade ("Chess Mountain")
The "Roman" fountain.
The new wing of the Great Palace again, evening lighting now.




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