Wandering Camera

Album 264
(Translated b
y Ingerid Maria Opdahl)


We continue the walk from around the corner of Prospekt Engels and Skobelevsky Prospekt.


The Uranus cinema is probably the smallest cinema in the city.
A "Stalin" block of flats nearby.
Also a house for people to live in (and people still live there). It has darkened with time, but is not prepared to let younger forces take over.

It's on the corner of Yaroslavsky Prospekt and Zabaikalskaya Street.

The address is Yaroslavsky Prospekt no. 63, if I'm not mistaken.

"Circus", a sculpture in a kindergarten.
The neat little plaque on the wall by the sculpture.
A block of flats from the post-Perestroika era, which hides in the dense flora around Prospekt Engels.
"Modesty" :-)

The surname at the top of this transformer box is not at all that of the artist, but belongs to some official or other, who tried to become a deputy (local inhabitants testify that old grandmothers went around stairwells with portraits of him).

"Capital and country house"
(Small barns by a one-storey country cottage)
Prospekt Engels no. 92.

A neat little wooden cottage close to the cycle-track. The cottage has been preserved only because...M.I. Kalinin stayed here in October 1917, and a meeting was held in his house, at which V.I. Lenin was present, of which a memorial plaque bears witness.

Prospekt Engels.

At the foot of the Poklonnaya Height.

One sees the new house beside the Ozerki metro station (it was built a year or two ago).

The Baptist Church (Prayer-house of the Evangelical Baptist Christians).

In Soviet times, the Baptists were allotted a closed Orthodox church in Ozerki instead of an earlier promised congregational house. The Baptists enlarged the church with a contemporary addition, and now they are very upset that they are not allowed to carry out large constructions because Ozerki is a listed area.

Note that there are no crosses.
A monumental house (the clergyman's house?) by the Baptist Church.
A view of the Upper (First) lake in Ozerki with the "Tarzan" mast above the beach.
Water sports.
Clouds in Ozerki. The white domes seem especially grand above the water.

That is actually all.



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