Wandering Camera

Album 203
(Translated by
Larissa Rogacheva)


The theme of Petergoff probably never will go away simply because of its majestic splendor.
Something from this album we already had seen, something would be new completely.


The "Golden Mountain" Cascade.

It is situated on the far right in the Lower park (if to face the palace)

The cascade built in 1721-1726 according to the project of architects N.Miketti and M. Zemtsov.

The "Marly" Palace is found just next to it.
This is the memorial bench for The Great Princess Alexandra Nikolaevna.
The "Whale" Fountain.
One of the Aviary Pavilions.
The Great Cascade and The Great Palace.
"The Samson defeating the Lion" is the central fountain of The Great Cascade.
Samson is personifying Russia, the Lion - Sweden. The composition is dedicated to the Peter The Great's victory in the Russo-Swedish war.
On left is the sculpture "Volkhov" by I.Prokofiev (1804)

On the right - "Sirens" by F. Schedrin (1805)

The "Galatea" is on the left side of the vase.  
The " Akidus" by I. Prokofiev (1801) is on the right.
This summer the renovations took place in the wing of the Great Palace.
So on the left picture it is before and on the right- the half way to completion.

The architectural history of the wings is rather interesting:
In the original project Rasstrelly drown only one top on the roof over each wing's chapel. But deeply religious Elizabeth insisted on the traditional Russian five tops, so it was changed.

The Great Palace was destroyed during the war. The base for the restoration was the original project that called for only one top.
And now the history is repeating itself but only for the one of the wings.
Probably for exactly the same reason: to use the chapel for religious services (just a hypothesis)

However because the extra tops are only appearing over the one wing, the Palace will loose its symmetry… But how mach do you love symmetry?

The Upper Park.
The crow is enjoying her day spa…




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