Wandering Camera

Album 263
(Translated b
y Ingerid Maria Opdahl)


In this and the following album, we will walk along Prospekt Engels. However, we will not make photos of the prospect itself, but mainly of its closest surroundings. A considerable part of the commentaries are by Viktor Varganov (he has lived there for a long time and knows everything :)


This part of Udelny Park (which meets Prospekt Engels by Svetlana square) is for some reason completely missing as a park on two of my maps. Still, the park isn't worse off for it, yet.

Here, in the park itself, are the ruins that used to be the restaurant The Hunter's Lodge. As Viktor says, in the early 1990s this place was popular with muscular men in Mercedes cars.

However, later, the restaurant lost out to more conveniently located competitors, and after that, it withered away and started to fall apart.

The building itself is from the Stalin period, from the 1950s.
This part of the park, close to Prospekt Engels, used to be an exemplary model of the Soviet park, with neat flowerbeds and the unavoidable seesaws. Emptiness reigns now, while on the other side of the railway, the "wilder" and overgrown parts of the park look very nice indeed.
The Immanuel orphanage, built in the early 20th century.
The exterior.
A large block of flats :) on a quiet side street between Prospekt Engels and Udelnaya Park, at Yaroslavl Prospekt no. 11.

In flat no. 7 here, which belonged to the worker E. Kalske, V. I. Lenin hid on 8 August 1917, before departing for Finland. Because of this, the house was long kept on the list of protected buildings. It doesn't have that status any longer, so some "investors" want to tear it down and build something contemporary instead. However, the Committee for State Historical Objects is against, as it will "deprive the area of its historical depth".

This seems right, if one appreciates the general look of the place and the park.

A house from the second half of the 1940s ("the German cottages", built by German POWs).
This school building (Prospekt Engels no. 38), which now houses the Polytechnic College, was awarded architectural prizes in the early 1950s. Photos of it were included in collections.

The architect was L. E. Ass, and it was built in 1952.

A typical "Stalin" house (built in 1953-1955), which is on the actual Prospekt Engels, no. 37.

People in the Vyborg area who have broken their arms or legs, or been hurt otherwise, know this building as the casualty department of the Vyborg region.

This house is sometimes called the Generals' house.

Beside it is one of the buildings that belong to the Svetlana Association (by now probably Ltd.) It was built in 1974.
Now as well, the Svetlana Shopping Centre, offices and the Skoda car dealer are located here.

The association takes up an enormous territory, and we will return here at some point (but at the moment, a wall in one of the entrances has fallen down, and it looks bad in photos:)

Occasionally, one hears the legend of the Svetlana factory being named for Stalin's daughter.
But Svetlana is actually an acronym derived from "Svetovye lampy nakalivaniya", that is, "illuminating incandescent lamps".

The railway station "Udelnaya".
It is an old, elaborate building with Style Moderne elements, from 1914-1915, by the architect B. Granholm.

As you can see, the platform is situated so that one can easily reach it from across the rails.
Because of this, the turnstiles, which have already been installed in this station, are somewhat less effective than they could have been :-)

A slightly different perspective..
Decorations under the spire.
The station's new glass pavilions hide contemporary turnstiles, which were installed to fight fare-dodgers. In Viktor's opinion, however large the loss from those without tickets, the cost of the turnstile system probably increases the loss. By the way, I don't agree with him.

The pavilion isn't particularly elegant, but it's nice enough.

Advertising drives progress :)

In the next album we continue our walk.



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