Wandering Camera

Album 257
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


Although I named this album "Karelia" in fact it's not about it. The Kuznechnoe station belongs to the Karelian Isthmus that belongs to Leningradskaya region but not to the Karelia republic. But Karelia is very close.


The Kuznechnoe station is situated 157 kilometers from St. Petersburg (it will take you approximately 3 hours to get there from the Finish railway station ). It's the terminal station of suburban electric trains. Further you can go only by diesel engine trains.
Sortavala is 21 kilometers from here.

The beginning of our journey wasn't very pleasant because it rained from time to time.

But gradually the weather got better. We stopped on the lakeshore and had a nap.

Meanwhile mosquitoes had a bite

A plant after the rain
On each side of the road we saw stones and rocks from time to time.

In fact the Kuznechnoe area is very popular among alpinists.

Another place where we stopped. It was better then the previous one.

Yet we hadn't covered a sufficient distance, so we went further.

Some rocks looked quite impressive
A caterpillar

A portrait.

Unshaved and displeased face :)

We saw pretty many lakes.

The roads are made for traveling on foot. In some places the road was very muddy.

Two cyclists looked a bit weird but I have to admit that they overtook us :)

A dragonfly
The first huge rock
A pine
A field of globe-flowers
Pretty little hillocks decorating a small river
In fact I tried to take a picture of birch trees...
Finally we got to the Yastrebinoe lake (the Hawk's Lake)
This place is 50-70 meter high and it's called Big Rocks
Somebody is already climbing a rock.

Many St. Petersburg students come here for climbing, so along the lakeshores you can see many tables with the names of St. Petersburg universities written on them.

Too crowded place

We'll go further.
After climbing another rock on the shore we stopped and put up a tent.

The place was nice, at least the wind were blowing mosquitoes away. In addition it was dry.

The morning.

A look down

.We had to go down with a cattle or saucepan to get water. Actually, it wasn't a problem to go down. Creeping up with a full saucepan was much more difficult :)

At the foot of the rock




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