Wandering Camera

Album 256
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


In the previous album we visited the waterfall "Kivach"
Now we will see the place called "Martsial'nie Vodi" that is only 10 kilometres away.


"The health resort Martsial'nie Vodi, founded in 1719"
The road splits the health resort in two parts. On the left there's a sanatorium, on the right there are springs.

We will go on the right first...

This path leads to the first spring (it's behind).

All four springs look like booths with the identical taps, out of which water runs constantly

Martsial'nie Vodi is a first Russian balneological (from Latin "balneum" - bath, swimming and therapy) and mud cure resort.
The table on this pavilion says:

"The pavilion over the mineral spring, that was founded by Ivan Reboev in 1714. Built in 1858 by the arrival of Alexander II"

The health resort was named after the Mars - the god of war and iron. The water used to be called not "martsial'noi" but "marsil'noi" because it's rich in salts of iron (and also of magnesium, calcium, sulphur)
The water in booths differs a bit.

It tastes like mineral water and looks very clear but if one pours it into a bottle, in a day the dregs will appear and the water will lose all its medical properties.

Apart from springs there are mud baths of the "Gabozero" ("gab"/"hab" is an aspen, "ozero" is a lake).

There's a story that Peter the I was searching the place for the health resort in Russia. Then the worker of Kochezersky copper-smelting plant was cured by the waters of local springs and it was reported to the Peter the I. Surgeon in Ordinary to the King was sent there and this place became a health resort.

During the times of Elisabeth, doctors refused to recognize this place as the health resort and it was abandoned for a long time.

The local Regional museum. It was closed (it works to 16.00)

The table says:

"A peasant house, was built in 1830 for a keeper who guarded the monuments of the first Russian health resort"

Now we're crossing the street...

Right opposite the museum there is a Disciple Paul's Church
The Church was built in 1721 after the project of the Peter the I, in the name of his visit to the Martsial'nie Vodi.

There used to be palaces, but unfortunately, no remains are left.

This is a very long stairs, that lead to the sanatorium or hotel. The springs are behind.

I've got a suspicion that people are cured not only by mineral water, but also by walking up and down these stairs every day. :)

That's all.

From the next album we'll slowly go back to St. Petersburg.

By the way, this album is a really jubilee one. Computer experts will understand :)



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