Wandering Camera

Album 258
(Translated b
y Polina Korchagina)


The continuation


Silence. Nobody is around.

Everybody might be eaten by mosquitoes

Looks like a mosquito :)
The stone looks like a hare :)
The rocks are covered with reindeer moss
Nearby we found a lot of firewood

A chain saw is a good thing

Nevertheless we have to go back.

We went by so-called "a path of Ho Shi Min"

A few years ago it was a borderland and it was easy to meet a frontier patrol here (now it also possible but difficult)

It's a foundation of an old Finish house (until 1939 it was a Finish territory)

(A writing on it says: "You can not understand Russia with your mind" (it's an almost exact quotation from a verse of the very famous Russian poet) )*

In some places the path looked very strange
We're approaching a quarry.

When people look at this picture they see a pile of bones, although there is not a bone there.

The quarry.

Granite, quarry stone and detritus are quarried here

For example, the Pushkin monument on the Ploschad' Iskusstv (Arts' Square) is made of this granite

 The open-cast mine is 40 meters deep

50 diameter and quite deep holes are drilled in the rock, obviously, to put explosives in
Today is a day off.

Otherwise explosions would be thundering and pieces of granite were scattering around.

Excavator is having rest
According to the roads and car bodies on the roadsides only BeLazes run here.

The end of the story about Karelia.

* Translator's note



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